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My Patched Ironwail
Hello guys,

Ironwail's emulation of the software look was the best thing to ever happen, there's just a tiny little issue; colormap doesn't work for non-clients, player corpses revert to their original color upon respawning, so for completeness, I fixed that with code used in MarkV, now corpses won't lose their colors, and it will also color sentry guns, etc if you play TF.
Also, I've added a new cvar, r_coloredlights, set it to 1 to enable colored muzzleflashes, explosions and powerup glows, making it look like Engoo with r_softemu on.
It also supports the old QC EF_BLUE/RED flags (64 and 128 respectively) and can be used interchangeably with qex_quadlight or pentlight (16/32), this is for backwards compatibility. Powerup glows on vanilla progs will still be white.

If you don't have Ironwail, make sure to download the original version first, to get the required DLLs:

Some screenshots (colored corpse on third image):
File link:

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