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Re:Mobilize Jam 1: Re:Collections
A jam held from August 1, 2023 to October 1, 2023, featuring 4 maps (plus start) all making use of the Re:Mobilize mod and its signature movement-based mechanics!

Download @ Slipseer:

Map Info:

- Re:Collections (start) by EmeraldTiger
Music: "Old Cosmic Entity" by Samuel Francis Johnson (
Textures: Knave by Kell

- Artificial Respiration (rmj1_alexunder) by alexUnder
Kills: 69 (Nice), 113 (Normal), 127 (Hard/Nightmare)
Secrets: 15
Music: By Magnetbox
Textures: Makkon

- Civic Ascent (rmj1_shadesmaster) by Shadesmaster
Kills: 37 (Easy), 71 (Normal), 105 (Hard/Nightmare)
Secrets: 3
Music: By Jeehun Huang
Textures: Makkon

- RE:2M6: The Dismal Oubliette (rmj1_chuma) by Chuma; based on The Dismal Oubliette by John Romero
Kills: 175 (Easy), 220 (Normal), 265 (Hard/Nightmare)
Secrets: 14
Music: "Lost in the Matrix", "Embers", "Infernal Sky", and "Alien Crypt" by Karl Casey, "Ghostlight" by David Szymanski

- Trial of Maahes (rmj1_emeraldtiger) by EmeraldTiger
Kills: 78 (Easy), 100 (Normal), 124 (Hard/Nightmare)
Secrets: 5
Music: "Night of Egypt" by waelart (
Textures: Sock
So Far Two Bangers 
And I only played two maps. 
Nice jam, just wish it had more maps. I really like Re:Mobilize. Similar to the Jump Boots mod, it brings a lot of new potential for interesting Quake scenarios.

As for the maps, "Trial of Maahes" made the best use of Re:Mobilize mechanics, though "Artificial Respiration" made good use of it towards the end. 
This jam is perfectly playable in VkQuake. It would crash sometimes when loading the hub for some reason, but I still played on that port and it worked fine on the maps. 
I've heard the same issues with vkQuake. Apparently it has something to do with the external textures used for the book covers, since removing them seemed to fix the issue on my end. But even with them it doesn't always crash, and vkQuake has full external texture support anyway. I've asked around about it but it seems to still be a mystery. It doesn't help that the crash doesn't dump a crashlog at all to say what exactly the issue is. 
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