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Q1SP - Corruption Catharsis: Part 1 - Try To Act Normal (for Alkaline)
This is the first release of Corruption Catharsis. I really wanted to make some content with the amazing Alkaline - a Quake mod with a base map theme. I also wanted to make some maps that I could use to run Alkaline on my old computers, for science! I had created rt_alk3 first, around 18 months ago, using Worldcraft 3.4! Don't worry, I have since transitioned to Trenchbroom, and used Trenchbrom to create the rest of the maps.

rt_alk0 Anomaly - A start map for the ep.
rt_alk1 Shipping Problems - Zerstorer-themed map.
rt_alk2 Transitional Base -An idbase map.
rt_alk3 Containment Facility - An ikbase map.
rt_alk4 To be continued - Placeholder map to be repaced in Part 2 (TBC)

I have tested these maps to work on GLQuake with a 56000 heapsize (about 56MB of RAM).



Version 1.1 
Had to be. I've been testing this for ages too.
Missed a trigger_secret in rt_alk1.
Added 'crushing' spawnflag to some doors in rt_alk3. Seems to fix an issue with some platforms not raising in certain weird circumstances.

Or Slipseer. 
Looks Good 
The screenshots look great and having watched you map on stream for a while, I'm looking forward to getting around to playing this at some point. Having watched from what I think was the beginning when you were still using Worldcraft, it will be nice to finally get to play these maps. 
Just Finished It 
At least what's there. It's really good. Great to see someone use Alkaline as a base for an episode, even though I had somewhat expected some sort of space theme. Anyway, apparently it works fine with more traditional settings, too. 
Works Well With Quakespasm! 
Fun, and works well with quakespasm. Thanks! 
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