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Time To Belong (Q1SP)
20 years ago I made some speedmaps, and had the idea to use them as a base for an episode. 16 years ago I started working on it. 10 years ago I did most of the work, including extending the maps to a proper size. Five years ago I polished them up, rebuilt the end map and sent the episode out for beta testing. Two weeks ago I watched the final beta demo and have been making some tweaks since then.

It's probably a contender for the most needlessly long gestation period ever, and probably not worth the wait. But hopefully worth an hour or so of your time for a quick nostalgic blast.

Four medium classic id-themed maps plus start map and Zer-themed end map. Mostly vanilla progs but has a few mods here and there (comes in a .pak with its own progs.dat so should be installed in Quake/ttb and run with -game ttb +map start)


Congrats On Getting These Out 
Don’t have time to play them right now, but I look forward to being able to do so. I remember really liking the Zer end map you did for a distant speed mapping session. 
Work is really busy for the next few weeks but I would love to play these for a video - congratulations!!!!

The shots look amazing. 
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