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Q1SP: Castle Of Doom
Hi everyone.

This is my new mod "Castle of Doom".
It's a medieval fantasy horror styled mod with 3 maps.
My focus was on medieval architecture, especially arches, rotating entitys and cut scenes.

This mod needs an engine that can handle -bsp2 format and transparency. It works fine with Quakespasm.



Castle of Doom - zip

have fun.
Well, the map is really nice. Not perfectly polished, but given the size it's nice... Now, the bad part - I'm stuck, I got the silver key, but I can't find the door. I only have a gold key door (and a crypt key door, of course, but that one I used it)...

And another bad thing. After I got the silver key, I can enter again through a passage and I'll get stuck there. There is a door that is opened by a switch near the door, I get in, the door closes, I go forward, there's another door, it won't open. If I try to go back, it also won't open. Quite ugly.

Too bad, the map has potential and, I repeat, it's nice looking. But (for me, at least) unplayable :( 
Silver Key 
Surprisely the First door on the castle's place down stairs has a trigger message that says "You need the silver key". 
Neat Castle Town 
This is missing from Quaddicted and Slipseer. So I got to the supposedly final battle with shub-fireballs and the game crashed. I couldn't use my autosaves. Man I could've used weapons way earlier. I spent so long shotgunning everything. 
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