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Q1SP: Forsaken
Runic themed using exclusively id1 textures and copper mod as a base, features a new custom song.

This is my first Quake map! Gameplay is tricky and combat heavy, would recommend playing on one difficulty lower than what you normally do. Nightmare is possible but not fair. :)

I Did A Little Testing On This One... 
Pretty excited to see the final result!
This map has some interesting combat scenarios that will force you to move your ass! 
Could we see some previews, please? 
The Last Room Ispure Madness! 
LOL! How many scraggs are there in that room? 150? The effect is great, love that ammount of scraggs. Pure madness! 
Anyway about the preview for anyone interested heres a trailer I made for it:

I'm glad you liked the final fight I also found massive scragg gibs satisfying, I'm not sure the exact number but 150 is close 
New Version 
I'm going to need to get in contact with a mod to update the original post, but I made a new and should be final version. 
Updated The Link In OP 
Great Map For Challenge 
Played this few times over on hard and nightmare difficulties. Pretty good job making some interesting encounters.

There are a few parts that can be inconsistent like dodging grenade rain and the shambler fall part feel like its up to rng on nightmare 50hp limit. Having a mega before these parts would make it fairer on nm.

If I feel masochistic enough at some point I'll do a single segment run on this map. 
Very Good For A First Map! 
The encounters are fun and challenging (And not fair at all of in nightmare but hey, its nightmare no? :P)

But i must say... the shambler part is world class manure. Give me a break! D:

Great job by the way and i hate you for the shambler room :P 
Thanks for the kind words everybody, but In response to nightmare difficult, I tried to make it challenging on hard and my thought process was for nightmare "as long as its possible" I guess its fine. I realize after the fact that was the wrong approach, as even I wasn't even able to do some of it consistently.

v2 version of the map that got posted after should address some of these issues and the map overall should be way more consistent and less rng on nightmare. (a few slight nerfs implemented)

Flecked ran it on nightmare 100% and posted a video

it's still a cursed run but doable if you are a masochistic type which the map is geared for.

Im looking forward to see if any more videos get posted and expect more maps from me soon in a similar gameplay style as I continue to refine my skills. 
That's So Fucked Up 
Now I want more. 
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