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Q1SP: Hydro Madness By Mememind
From the readme: You stumble on a Dam that is poisoning the water supply, you should stop this.


Requires Alkaline V1.1:

I like where you are going with this map but either I'm missing something or there are some game breaking glitches. First there is a lift that when the button is pressed will come down, but I couldn't get it to go back up. See 4:50 minute in the video. Then right before you get to the reactor a message pops up saying "I should use these boots" but there are none. See 12:41 in the video. Then this is where I'm not sure if I am missing something or if there is a glitch but I'm assuming the player is supposed to shoot all 4 sides of the reactor to destroy it, but I was only able to destroy 2 of the sides. See 17:55. Am I just not seeing what to do or is something broken?
P.S. I just uploaded the video at the time of writing this so if you watch it and it is only available in 360p it's because youtube is still processing the HD version. 
Have You updated your alkaline? The Boots were added in the 1.1 Update. 
Looking a bit more in the video, Im not seeing things that should be there. Alot of these are alkaline 1.1 entitie. 
That must be it when I get back from work I'll downloaded the latest version and try it again. If successful I'll delete that video and upload the new one so your map gets a proper play through! 
Have a link, since I don't think 1.1 made it to Quaddicted except for alkjam and jjj2 
No, wait, it IS on Quaddicted 
That did the trick! I just assumed I was using the latest version since I played alkjam not too long ago. Wasn't thinking about how it came with it's own up to date version of Alkaline. Thanks Mememind for making the map and helping me figure this out. And thank you 4LT for pointing me to the download. Here's the link to the new video in case anyone is interested. Cheers! 
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