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Q1SP: SM214-Prototypes 2 Released!
23 maps using Khreathor's Prototype texture wad and Dumptruck's SMP progs

Maps created by:
Riktoi, Mememind, DanteScanline, Mazu, AlexUnder, EduardoDeadPixel, The_kovic, Mrtaufner, ChrisHolden, JaycieErysdren, Zigi, Breezeep, iLike80sRock, pqp, Nostalgick (burnham), Konig, Greenwood, Mari Mk.V, DraQu, DragonsForLunch, Pinchy, Omni, Moesh

What Is Prototype? 
It is just kit of colors for painting brushes even rather not textures. Playing sm214_breezeep and you understand that light is much more important textures. I think with colored ligts and absolutely white textures you can create a masterpiece. And this map is lighted definitely perfect.
I found out a key model created as if on purpose for prototype mods. I don't know who it created and from wich mod it is so if someone know it plz credit creator. 
Lots Of Good Stuff Here! 
...and a lot is from new folks too!
• PQP's has a neat Southwestern theme, albeit the cacti have a ridiculously large, "insta-kill" trigger_hurt surrounding them.
• Mari Mk.V's map has an ingenious gimmick when it comes to map progression.
• Moesh's map would've been more fun if it didn't have the grenade launcher in an esoteric location. I had to do a noclip fly-around, just to figure out a strategy. General concept was interesting though.
I've played through the bulk of them & each one has some nice qualities. In my opinion, the highlights of this pack are (in no particular order) DragonsForLunch, DanteScanline, Omni, and Breezeep. 
There Is A Bug In Progs 
while scrolling up to choose the LG there is no v_light.mdl visible until pressing "fire". 
So Much Quality Here 
I'm fascinated by how beautiful everything looks and plays and I'm not even finished a first half of the pack! 
Sorry Bug With LG Is The QSS Bug! 
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