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Announcement - Quake: Mjolnir
Announcing a HUGE new release in the works!!

Quake: Mjölnir is an update on the classic first person action game (1996) which draws inspiration from the game’s rich 25-year history. Powered by Keep 1.00, the mod offers Quake’s resilient military rangers a deeper look into the haunting medieval worlds suggested by the original. Explore ancient temples, confront elemental forces, and battle a nightmarish variety of hostile locals. Claim Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir, and other weapons of the Norse gods from Arms of Asgard (public beta version available here: ). Coming in 2021!

We are looking to recruit one last level designer, so if you are interested please contact
Greatest weapon ever :) 
Bronyn Redux! 
Pretty cool. I saw some WIP stuff many years ago that, from what I remember, even made his other stuff look small in comparison. Presumably it will finally see the light of day in Mjolnir.
That yellow gun could maybe use more grit on its skin; right now it looks comic and somewhat out of place next to the others. 
You already have the perfect blurb just WAITING for you to grab it!

"You start as Quake, the strongest, most dangerous person on the continent. You start off with a Hammer of Thunderbolts, a Ring of Regeneration, and a trans-dimensional artifact. Here the fun begins!" 
I Wonder... 
Did I understand it correctly that this project is supposed to have 75 regular + 16 start maps? If so, how were you able to gather such a massive amount of levels (assuming they are not all super short)? 
Maybe I'm missing something, but the trailer seems to show 90% stuff other people made and released over the last 25 years. What does Mjölnir add? 
It's not uncommon for mods to reuse all sorts of assets from other mods. And youtube trailer has these comments:

- Some maps had older little known releases, but are getting major visual, story, and gameplay overhauls to take advantage of modern engines and the fact that Keep merges all the mods mentioned in the video (and more) together into one mod.

- It's been about 5yrs ago when we really started to organize the mapping and story, though the mod/code part has been in development for about 11yrs. 
I know other people's stuff often gets reused, it just doesn't seem very clear from the trailer what Mjölnir hopes to add or what its design philosophy is.

When I'm back at my gaming PC maybe I'll download the beta and see if it becomes any more clear. 
A Bit More Info 
The trailer was meant as a #Quake25 retrospective (despite being a bit late) and also to show how Mjölnir draws inspiration from Quake history. Mjölnir does indeed include both new maps (including previously unreleased maps that stagnated for years while I was too busy to map, negke is totally correct there), and overhauled versions of my old maps. The new weapons shown (Sanguinators, Void Staff, Mjölnir, Flak Cannon - aesthetic note taken!) come from the mod Arms of Asgard, and the storyline is indeed inspired by the original concept for Quake where you start with earth weapons, but as you journey further into the medieval dimension you get to use not only Thor's hammer Mjölnir, but other weapons of the Norse gods as well, from the Arms of Asgard mod (that oldschool Quake blurb is great!). The entire thing will demonstrate the awesome powers of Keep 1.0, a vast mega-mod/devkit that combines Arcane Dimensions, Drake, and many, many more. This trailer is just a teaser/announcement, we'll release a demo at some point. And anyone interested in making medieval maps is welcome to join the team! 
Ah nice, that clears it up a lot thank you! 
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