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Happy 25th Anniversary, Quakers!

A great collection of maps made in the spirit of Maximum DOS Performance! Mappers built with an aim toward '96-era technical constraints. Minimal file size, limited texture usage, and R_SPEEDS kept under control.

Mappers new and old did a great job targeting these constraints. Credits and Links are below! Give it a play on your favorite Quake client.

This content has been tested on various clients in Windows and DOS. QDOS (via dosbox) offers my favorite experience of these maps, though it's a bit unstable and sometimes crashes. WinQuake or other software-renderer clients may be preferable for the ultra-crunchy oldschool Quake experience.

Map Credits
4LT · Grotto Gristle
BoxFigs · Technology Base
DragonsForLunch · The Transition of Juan Romero
Doom Pope · That Is Not Dead Which Can Eternal Lie
Greenwood · Serf's Up
Grue · Bloodbath
iLike80sRock · Angst Retention
JCR · Erased Ancestors · Shrine of the Demon Twins
Markie · The Godless Dream
Mike C · Dark Oppression
Pieface · They Go Wild
Rhoq · [start]
Skorly · Malice Manor
Solipsist · Logistics Central
Spud · Prickly Heat




(EDIT #3: updated download links, latest version is 1.2)
Several issues have been reported already, so I've got an updated archive put together this afternoon. Please download this INSTEAD of the link in the main post. If you've already downloaded, delete the old files and replace them with those in the new archive linked here.

Included updates:
Additional coop starts and trigger fixes. Fixed some VIS issues and put in a missing teleporter in the start map.

Updated Poster 
Here's some 2v2 on Markie's map: 
Re: Smilecythe 
Awesome! I heard he got his map DM tested. Glad there's a video. Great connectivity in this layout. 
Small Update 
Looks like I accidentally left a config file in the last update. Wanted to provide a clean archive, so here's one more link (with a mirror)


Updated The Links In The Main Post. 
#6: That Link Still Only Points To 1.0 
1.1 is the latest 
okay... uploaded the links again :) 
Heresy's Map Is Awesome! 
But there's no ambiance sound in this map. It feels missing something.

Also, again, it's a pity that Spiked QSS (MacOS version) has problems with many of the new maps and mods (app is quiting in some circumstances). Come on Spike, do something!

Anyway, this mod is really excellent! 
Wrong map pack, Barnak!

This isn't a modded pack. You're thinking of the Sinister 625. Though I agree that Heresy's entry in that one is quite nice, he did not participate in this event and therefore will probably not see your praise. 
#11 Oups! My Bad. 
Played "Juan Romero" last night... I'm really impressed with the fights on skill 2. The map gave me the impression I could charge around without too much worry about getting cornered or lost (even though it was pretty nonlinear), just kind of rolling from one interesting combat to the next. Lots of good use of verticality, monsterjump, midfight adds, infighting, etc. etc. Fun! DFL is building a nice track record. 
Malice Manor, Prickly Heat, Erased Ancestors and Godless Dream seem to be only ones that stick in my memory after I finished whole episode. 
Had Fun, Not Quite Finished With It Yet 
I really enjoyed playing through these maps on a PC with a Pentium III with a pair of Voodoo IIs in SLI!

Only two maps didn't run.
Untitled (Dark Oppression?) by Mike C
and Markie's map, but we played through that in Windows 10 because he was there...

Also on one map, I couldn't find the exit, but check out the videos from my stream to see the results.

I will add markers to the video descriptions at some point soon, but for now if you want to find a specific map you will have to skip through, though I did them in order of the start map, working kinda from left to right, if that helps. There were a couple of exceptions.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

There will be a follow-up where I play again in DOS to pick up the maps that crashed GLQuake 1.09. I just need to sort out my DOS driver config :D

Shameless plug for stream:

Seems to be locked at 30fps for the game video feed until I fix my janky VGA capture setup (new HDMI capture on the way)

This pak was a lot of fun for me, and it's an excellent example of what can be done without trying to push the limits. 
Part 4 
Tried to run Mike C's map in DOS Quake. Worked better than in GLQuake, but still ultimately crashed. Played in Windows 10 successfully. Really enjoyed Mike's map, had some really fun combat! 
Still Crashing... 
The only map that didn't run correctly was the dark oppression by mike c that keeps crashing my game. I played live without using any source, only with classic winquake (for some reason the classic Glquake doesn't open on my pc). I was only able to play dark oppression using the sorce mark v.
I really enjoyed the episode. Congratulations to those involved :)

Here are the recordings:

Q25 - limits #1:
Q25 - limits #2:
Q25 - limits #3: 
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