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New Map Pack From Mememind
Mememind says: A group of maps with no real story. This is my first REAL dive into quake level design after some years of Doom Level design. I used Progs_Dump by Dumptruck_ds and iw(Read progs_dump-devkit-readme). Thanks to Dumptruck_Ds' Quake mapping tutorials and his Quake Mapping discord for help.

It appears to be an episode with about 7-8 maps.



Thanks for showing this.

I expect you folks to rip this thing apart and give tons of criticism. 
Rough Construction, But Completeable 
Hate to be harsh since I post here so little, but it definitely has the the feel of "my first map" repeated 7x over. The construction is rough, especially the outdoor areas with large mono-textured grassy rectangles. I'd compare it to some of the 1996-97 releases; probably with those maps in the middle of the spectrum since the they're completeable and the gameplay isn't unfair. (Although I did try a second run-through and got stuck on map 02; I hit the two switches and got a "sequence complete" message, but the door either didn't open, or it closed again.)

Gameplay was mostly lackluster: linear progression, and I was rarely placed in a position of danger even on hard. I think I had the most fun on the swamp level, because I could roam around a bit, and I could choose to stay above-water or sneak around below the surface. Things seemed to pop out of visibility on that map though, I think it extends beyond the +/-4096-unit bounds.

I think the worst sin in the visuals was the lack of either bounce lighting or "fill" lighting in map 02, as the floor is pitch black. Since Quake samples the floor for lighting models, enemies are near-impossible to see.

Misc. issues:

- Presence of config.cfg in mod folder (this overrides the user's settings)

- Silent doors

- Changelevel to end/END map doesn't match case of filename (This is a *nix filename case-sensitivity issue, so I'm not taking points off for it... not that I'm providing a score either)

[spoiler]The sunglasses on the Director made me smile ;)[/spoiler]

I would encourage you to post screenshots of your next map while it's earlier in development, too, and ask for suggestions. There are a number of other minor nitpicks I have, but it's hard to be selective about them when taking the entire release into consideration. 
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