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Q1SP: Alkaline: A Base Enhancement Mod/map Pack
Alkaline is out now! After many months of development, the Base enhancement mod/map pack is available to enjoy.
With maps from Bal, Bloodshot, bmFbr, Greenwood, Grome, Juzley, Makkon, Mista Heita, Scampie, and zigi.
More details available about the mod via the Quaddicted forum post below.

Download (175 MB):

Quaddicted forum post (with screenshots):

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Agree on the Laser Cannon, it feels just great. The Plasma Gun however, feels weak and slow :(

The whole pack, of course is great. So far played half of it.

The intention of having a tech-base versions of medieval monsters is understandable and it does work, but I have to say it feels kinda weird to see base-style looking monsters and sounds that are burned into my brain and associated with the medieval versions since the 90s. 
Oh Yeah Btw... 
it took me about 3 days to realize "alkaline" = "base" 
Seems To Be I Found Decision Of Sound Issues 
in Alkaline and AD using QSS. Settings of my Realtek HD audio device were set to 24 bit / 48000 Hz. After changing settings to 24 bit / 44100 Hz sound issues gone. 
God damnit!!! 
Dev Kit? 
When will the Dev kit come out. I have some ideas on maps and this looks perfect. 
About Weapons And Mobs 
Stormtroopers' blaster minigun good. I know it's from HIPNOTIC, but my gut feeling tells me it is actually from somewhere around SW Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II.
Doom's Plasma Gun/Heretic's Hellstaff - meh.
Chainsaw - Suprisingly good, finally I have something capable of actually killing knights/ogres in melee!

Lightsaber Knights - ok
Gasmasked bootcamped ogres with rocket launchers - cool.
Berserkers - great!
Cyborg fiends - lazy, should've had their own models, I expected full fobotic enemies in style of Boston Dynamics/Red Planet's AMEE.
AD Seekers - fine
Floyds - silly, but ok.
Arachnofloyd - great!
Melee and other grunts - ok.
Ogregon - Silly. Not IMPEL-level silly, yet still quite silly. Gore and gibs fountain is expecially fun.
Drone - cool, wait is he deflecting my nail-ah, nevermind.
Annihilator - now that's some interesting stuff.
Probe - cool.
Railgunner - cool.
Strogg scorpion - HIPNOTIC/10
Super Nailgunner - annoying, yet somehow fun to play against.
1.8 AD Plasmagunner with shields - more annoying than SNG-er, yet not so annoying as Vore.
Bambler - cool, when will we see baby shamblers that player could kidnap and use against other monsters like in Bloodshot's mod from modjam 2019? Actually imagine the whole quake episode about Ranger and Baby Shambler, with Nandalorian-like story? How cool it would be... And baby shambler would grow into a bambler, then into a full blown shambler in the episode's final level, or a fire shambler from AD depending which ammo you will feed him, like rockets or powercells. 
How good is this !? Cheers. Been ages since i've seen a top notch base pack. Rubicons textures really fit in, and a ridiculously powered plasma gun too. Only played two maps so far. 
Fantastic Stuff! 
I love the official mission pack stuff, I love the Rubicon stuff, I love Base maps and I love the new music.

I honestly don't have a bad word to say about this release. Well done, folks! 
@So Rangers Name's Jim? 
There are ZERO AD or Quoth enemies in this pack.

The Hunter (what you referred to as the Seeker) is a direct port from the Rubicon Rumble Pack. One of the few untouched code critters.

The Mega Enforcer (what you referred to as the AD Plasmagunner with Shields) is from good old Zerstorer, albeit with our personal changes (more visible plasma blast & rocket, spiraling homing missile, texture changes, fixed shield glitch, etc.)

Of course, AD also adopted these dudes & massaged them into their own variant, so I can definitely see where you were coming from! We tried to purposefully avoid AD & Quoth enemies and focus instead on older, open source mods, in order to bring our own identity to the mix.

Ogregon is slightly tweaked & fixed Armagon, as you probably guessed. We removed the "forehead cleavage" from the model and I textured his face with the ogre's (which I think looks less silly). Also, his rockets are equivalent in damage to the ogre marksman's, so he's not as OP as the original Armagon; however, he's still a force to be reckoned with!

Oh, the Bambler actually is short for Bald shAMBLER; however, he is 20% smaller and has higher pitched sounds, so I can also see how he could be interpreted as "Baby Shambler." Folks do find him quite cute! :)

Anyway, just a little trivia. I am glad that you're enjoying the mod! 
Same Map 
Slipgate sickness is an old map from SM71, a little modified. To tired to make something new? ;) 
To #35 
ad_sepulcher is the same e1m3 map did you not know that? 
To #36 
haha, touchy community? 
I think calling Greenwood lazy is a bit silly, considering he's easily been the most productive mapper in the last two years (30+ maps, and organized to 2 large packs).
Remixing maps is a good thing, it's nice to sometimes revisit something you've already played with a new twist.

Anyways, thanks for the kind words everyone, and thanks again to Greenwood for organizing this pack! 
Slipgate Sickness 
Interesting, I had never played the original but it really did feel like both "a speedmap" and also "from the 2000s." 
To Bal 
I wasn't that serious. And don't get me wrong, i appreciate all the work that goes in to all maps and packs. Thx for that. This one was great. 
Well, you are partially correct.

Slipgate Sickness is a map that I made by remixing actually 3 old Scampie Base speedmaps together, into a fun little medley. To adhere to the stipulation that every map has a different theme, I used Impel textures (which was basically their goofy take on idBase).

It was originally intended as a secret map for Alkaline and an homage to Scampie's previous work, but a few folks dropped out, so I moved it to the main atrium, so people could enjoy it. I got Scampie's approval (he thought it was a neat idea) & most folks got a kick out of it. 
Any news on the devkit? 
We are working on it! We're just getting the documentation in order.
It'll save us from answering a ton of questions if we have a good, comprehensive document & an FGD with descriptive notes. :)

If I had to guess? In about a week, maybe less. 
Some awesome base maps... faves were zigi's, core meltdown, and foundation of corruption.. nice :) 
It's Arcane Dimensions 
In space and with bases. One of the most remarkable releases lately and a great gift for Quake's 25th anniversary.

If you intend to expand this further with more maps like AD, it could turn from great to epic. 
I know there are a couple of mappers who didn't finish in time for this release. Not sure if they plan on releasing their maps in an update or separately or just scrapping them. I agree with you that it would be awesome to see new maps, especially as people get more familiar with the new enemies and weapons and start utilising them better. 
DLC Potential 
To me it looks like a good base (literally) for a growing project. This space theme is something you don't see in Quake too often and it's refreshing to play, especially with a vast array of additional enemies.

I am not completely done with all the maps yet, but so far there hasn't been a single entry that wasn't top notch. Most importantly, while all levels are huge, they never get confusing. I had that experience recently with Smej2 where they took it way over the top IMO. 
was one of the maps from Alkaline an old nehahra map? If so, which one? Thanks! 
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