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Q1SP Sm212 Deathmatch Remix
8 deathmatch maps remixed for your single-player enjoyment! These were made over a three day period.

Maps from:

N a i t e l v e n i
and zigi

Download here or here

Naitelveni ROFLOLMAO! 
This map is AWESOME! 1342 dudes to burst, Geez what a RAVE PARTY in there!!

This map is a gem. 
First Demo Attempt (Skill 2)

Deaths were cut for those levels:
- Claustrophic Rocketeering (didn't take the RL and died during a bodyblock)
- Everything is Dangerous (wasn't prepared!)
- The Tribunal of Terror

Thankfully that didn't manage to spoil me anything, since it was basically at the beginning of the level. I had a really fun time playing these! :D

Also, Slipcistern Phobia was so weird (especially with noclipping skrags) but was definitely the most unique map of the pack. 
Great pack, buncha little gems in here. It's awesome to have a map that can say what it needs to say in < 100 monsters!

You folks did some good work leveraging the fact that players would already be somewhat familiar with the layout... in some cases that let you get away with a real quasi-open backtracking-heavy progression.

I'm a little curious why nobody picked dm3! 
BTW, to get to the exit in Slipcistern I ended up having to do the "Skyrim mountain climber" thing where you slowly wiggle up a steep slope. Was that the intended way? 
It was time issue for me. I'd love to do something with it in the future. 
Missing Grenade Launcher In Everything Is Dangerous 
My blind run:

The slaughter map (sm212_naitelveni.bsp) does not spawn the grenade launcher for me. I can see it in Ch0wW's video. There are a few items dropping out of the level with 'developer 1;restart'.

I tried with different skill levels and quakespasm 0.93.0 and 0.93.2 and QSS 2021-April-01 and with a fresh installation with only quakespasm 0.93.2 and id1 and sm212. No luck. 
ChowW managed some jumps I didn't expect and found a unique way to the exit...that's cool. Good run through. Thanks for the video!

Joel, there were a few times I had that happen where there was an unexpected nonsolid spot at the end in the last doorway, I thought I had it fixed though. Any errors are partly intentional I suppose, as part of the maps story, but I tried to make sure there weren't places to get stuck and no need to slope crawl. There were loose tiles you could jump to scramble up. 
Missing Grenade Launcher Too 
sm212_naitelveni on QSS 01.04.21 
Everything Is Dangerous Entities Missing 
Same problem here, Shalrathy. GL not spawning, lots of entities falling out of the map at start. Happens in QS, QSS, MarkV, vkQuake... quite possibly in all Fitz-derived engines.

Only engine in which I've tested Everything Is Dangerous that _actually_ works is FTE. 
Everything Is Dangerous 
What's extra weird is that Naitelveni says in the doc that he ONLY tested the map in QS. 
Fix For Sm212_naitelveni.bsp (Everything Is Dangerous) 
Here's a fix for Naitelveni's map.

All I did was export the entity list and move one misplaced knight from 576 1456 56 to 616 1416 56, which prevents the GL from falling out of the map.

Just drop it in the /sm212/maps/ folder and in the console make sure you have external_ents 1. 
gestalt is closed. Thanks a lot. 
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