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Unused Jam Is Out!
A pack of twelve maps (+ a start map) all using at least one texture from the unused id wad.
Authors: bmFbr, Burnham, Cunnah, Doom_Pope, Greenwood, Konig, Mars, Mista Heita, Mihu, Rhoq, Skorly, VuRkka, zigi

I've only had a quick blast of around half the maps starting from left to right in the map room. They're very pretty but, is it me or are they pretty tough? 
Tougher the better (note I haven't yet played) 
WOW A Verdant Sunrise's final battle is fucking intense. This is great stuff so far. Classic id1 mappery. 
It Is A Trick 
to start next map with all previously collected weapons (on skill 2)?
Otherwise, Jam is perfect. unused_cunnah absolutely incredible. 
Some Were Pretty Tough. 
Field notes: ogres in tight corridors are super-effective, tarbabies will give me nightmares, *cough* no qickload is rough *cough*

The pack is updated, weapons reset when you return to the start map and the quickload bug in Skorly's map is fixed! Same link. Thanks for playing! :) 
Very Nice And Tough Maps! 
Here are all my Recordings from the 12 Maps!

Start Map + 12 Maps 
Just Curious, 
but why does the start map have a rune in it, yet no second player start? Whenever I complete one of the maps, I always return to the difficulty selection area, so I end up picking up the same rune again when I teleport to the map selection area. Is that why it fails to load my game if I quicksave in the start map? (I know it's unnecessary to quicksave in this map, but it's a habit of mine.) And yes, I'm playing the updated version of the jam (using Quakespasm 0.93.2.) 
The start map requires a rune so the player loses all the weapons from the previous map. Otherwise you would return to the start map with all the weapons. The quick save in the start map I don't know about. 
I love the way the built paths work their way through the caves in Cunnah's map. That's a cool layout that manages to feel like something evolved-and-ruined over time rather than artificially laid out by a mapper... tweaks the brain a bit trying to work your way through it.

A bit of nice mild Quake-y puzzling too, with those timed bridges (especially the second one).

Not sure what the point of having a silver key was, since it just gives you the gold key? Maybe there were bigger plans that had to be cut. :-) Great little map in any case. 
Very high quality maps. Highlights for me were Cunnah's and bmFbr's maps, a lot of nice combat in all of them. Thanks! 
Greenwood's "Neglected Network" was a good time! Some mild routefinding made interesting by being able to see so much of "where can I eventually get to"; a lot of entertaining combat from the way the sightlines and cover work out; and just enough care required in navigating and jumping around. Excellent sort-of-Coagula-ish map. 
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