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Q3A Maps, Mods And LiveView At ..::LvL
This is a massive update for ..::LvL - Reviews have been added for:

* Ambush! by acrobat
* Regret by Vamp1re
* Phing? Phong! by Fjoggs

There is a video for Phing? Phong! and panoramas for all.

There are now 43 mods listed with full reviews for:

* Hunt
* SpiterBot
* Akimbo

The Mods section is still in development, but a lot of work has been done here.

And in case that was not enough, "LiveView" is a beta feature that has been enabled for all members.

This will allow you to load most of the maps in your browser and "preview" them. The first load will require about 12MB to be downloaded (plus that map), the second map loaded will only be anything unique to that map.

If the LiveView feature is stable and successful, it will be enabled for everyone.

..::LvL -
Spirit, are you seeming this? 
LiveView is using a modified version of QuakeJS

I have not worked on this code at all, just the ..::LvL side of things. 
How do I see LiveView? I want to check it out 
LiveView Is On Review And Media Pages 
LiveView is on Review and Media pages. At the bottom of each section.

Currently, you need to be signed in (as it is a beta) to see the links.

You can bypass that with the following URL (this one is for my Battlezone map):

The number (2269 in the link) is the map id on ..::LvL, change it which ever map you like - or sign in for now. 
LiveView is a nifty doodad.

I was going to report that the map surfaces in LiveView are untextured (the gray texture with white grid on it) in Chrome on Linux, but as I was poking around looking for console messages or other clues, it looks like the textures eveeeentually loaded!

The sounds are weird, kind of synth-distorted like I've been loaded into the Tron game grid. Might just be my slow-ass computer though. 
Textures Load Is Dynamic 
Yep, the map is loaded without textures first, to get you in as soon as possible, then the textures are loaded and cached (if needed).

If you have previously loaded a map with the same textures, you will not need to download the textures again (thanks to the caching system). 
Really Neat! 
Such a cool feature :) 
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