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Quake Episode - Speedmap Snack Pack
I hope you're hungry!
Mappers were given 24hrs to make a level using the Copper mod in one of four slots. Which gave a theme and weapon set. Afterwards, they were compiled together into an episode for your snacking pleasure. Enjoy.

The pack is part of it's own mod folder, and should not be dropped onto an existing copper version.

Including maps from...
Fairweather+Markie (Start)
Chris Holden
Mista Heita
Greewood that you? 
Huh? Yeah, I've got one in the pack.
Not seeing a typo, if that's what your implying... 
Ah! Khreathor's map. Gotcha :) 
I see in the pack there is another "snack" folder, thus doubling the file size. Just a heads-up for your info. 
Thanks #4 
Not sure how that happened, it's been fixed now. Same link as before. 
This was fun. Great idea to make an episode of a speed map event and it worked out surprisingly well. I had fun throughout the entire episode, but two standouts for me were Gnemeth's surreal Humming Tunnels and Mazu's sadistic The Legacy of Ebineros Lost Kingdom. 
Some demos from maps 1 to 5. Thanks for the entertainment. 
More demos. Some very fun maps.

Humming Tunnels! Yay! 
Thanks for the demos! 
Demos for maps 14 and 15

Since I don't write much about the maps I want to give back demos to watch at least;) 
Tasty Snacks! 
Great map pack! Really enjoyed the length of these maps, and was surprised how many maps there were (I didn't read the notes carefully, just downloaded and started playing). Gave me 2-3 sessions of relatively quick plays, which was highly enjoyable. Last couple maps were quite devious! Well done, all :D 
The Moment With Explosive Blood Diarrhea At The End Was Kino Moment 
like, goty2020. See for yourself. 
The claustrophobic twisty-turny-ness of smspo4_heita is really something else! Good stuff in a particular mode that folks don't explore as often these days. 
Aw I had some things I was going to say about smsp07_henry while func was down. Seeing if I can remember...

I think generally just that this is a fave theme of mine done well. The extra vine-y-ness added into the classic green id look works quite well. (Good music choice too.) Lighting is good with the shadowy parts just dark enough without being pitch black.

The pathing/progression is fun too with a bit of choice and discovery. I think there was one brief moment of "uh now what" but in a map so small it's easy to just go re-scour the places you've been to see what you have forgotten. The way different-height areas cross and overlap with each other made for a few fun angles during the fights.

Really the whole thing is a pleasure to look at and walk around in.

I'm just now realizing that this is by h4724 + Artistical. Nice work guys! Parts of it did kind of remind me of h4724's CTSJ map, just unwound/opened-up a bit. 
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