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Quake Episode - Epochs Of Enmity
Announcing Epochs of Enmity, a new "unofficial 6th," 10 map episode.


Epochs of Enmity (EoE) is a collection of 10 maps (12, if you include the start & end/credits map). A group of some reputable mappers have been gathered together to form a nice little “vanilla feel” episode.

The goal was to create an “unofficial 6th” episode, to follow Quake’s unofficial 5th, Dimension of the Past. The focus was to create a series of various themed maps, since Ranger is traveling through time to stop the evil that is tainting the time continuum.

Main maps had to include at least one quad, stay within the range of 100 enemies (more if multiple quads exist), and not use external models or sounds; however, skyboxes, colored lighting, and fog was okay.

Download & screenshots:

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so many releases this month, this is incredible. 
Rhoq is back!!! 
Wow, Just Wow 
This month is shaping up to be like an early Christmas! 
Geez, this map is awesome! 
Looks Good! 
I‘m looking forward to playing this. 
Demos For You Guys 
Hey, Great episode everyone! It went by so fast and that is amazing considering it is 10 maps!

Here are my playthrough Skill 2 demos 
About Eoem9 
That map 9 is so great, I would like to extract it from the pack, and try (as an experiment, say) to play it with other mods. How can I extract the maps from a pack file, on Mac OS? 
Extracting that map would brick it. The episode runs on a stripped down version of progs_dump, so you would be wasting your time.

Glad to hear that you enjoyed it though! 
Who Made This Map 9? 
Is that you Greenwood? 
No, it's Markie's.

All the details of the episode can be found in PDF manual that is included in the download. Additionally, the map title/designer info is also posted under each screenshot. 
there's a pdf that explains everything 
What's your weird obsession with playing everything in AD and ultimately breaking the experience for yourself. Almost every post you've made on func recently has been to say "I tried playing this in a mod that isn't supported and it broke, what's up?". 
The Authors Of This Pack... 
Deserve the Nobel prize in peace for finding a way to stop Barnak. 
Thanks for making the episode! Found the secret level, interesting encounter in the main vertical area. EOEM4 felt a little bit too dark. In EOEM5 got stuck between the wall and the barrels in one place, had to noclip. Currently on map 7. 
And You Guys Love To React So Negatively To My Way Of Playing Quake! 
#12, dude, what's your problem with my "obsession" as you say? You're apparently obsessed with reacting negatively to others that don't see things the same as you do.

If I like to experiment and try non-standard things with Quake and custom maps/mods, it's my business and my way to have fun with this very old game, not yours. 
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