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Arcane Dimensions 1.80
AD 1.8 was released yesterday. It's a little buggy but Simon said he plans on a patch today.

Lots of changes and refinements from the last release. The most interesting for me is custom HUD's. Something not really seen in other Quake mods.

UPDATE: new links from sock:


Downloads (v1.80 p1 final):
Sock -
EU (bal) -
Moddb -
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Leptis Packet Overflow 
I tried to reproduce this. I have latest (non-Spiked) QuakeSpasm and fresh install of AD 1.8p1, went into Leptis Magna, used notarget and noclip, god, impulse 9 and went into the boss arena.

After I triggered the boss, somewhere in the middle of the boss battle I guess there was just too much stuff around? The game started printing "Packet overflow!" and then crashed into console but without any error messages. (Just tried it again, this time QS crashed into Windows).

It it too much particles created by the boss and golems? I noticed in regular quake and other mods that when there's too much monsters around, especially in the 'horde combat' maps, two things happened - sounds started to cut out and/or disappear, and same for particles, i.e. no rocket trails, no blood drips, no particles for Scrag or Death Knight projectiles as well, and also Packet overflow messages could appear. Is there any way around that?

Maybe something to add to command line or quake.rc? I never used -heapsize, etc... 
Thanks, Both Of You... 
...I just tried Leptis with version 1.7, going through it exactly as I did with version 1.8. Worked perfectly.

Another thing I did not mention is that the MH behind the green key seemed unpickable with version 1.8 (I tried to pick it after killing every monster in the room). Anyone experienced this? 
Correction: I've played Leptis Magna twice with AD 1.8 w/o issues, but with QuakeSpasm and QuakeSpasm Spiked and not vKQuake as I've had save load issues with it.

Guess you mean the MH in the room which the green Serpent Key opens? I've been able to pick it up both times. 
Yes, That One. 
Guess I'll try spiked, then. But I don't think it's the engine... worked equally bad in spasm 93.0 and 93.2.

I noticed that 1.7 upon startup says it's using protocol 666, while 1.8 says 999. May that be the culprit? 
That said, I vaguely remember having the same issue with picking up the MH during a previous playthrough (with 1.7), so perhaps it's glitchy somehow?

Sorry, no idea about your question. Isn't that the network protocol? I don't know anything about that. 
I Managed To Finish It. 
Removing everything but essentials from the command line.
Quickloaded, tried again 3 times, never been able to repeat. WTF? 
Seems Like Working If You Activate Protocol 666. 
Just Completed Bal's Map 
... and wow. Can't say anything that hasn't already been said, but I can still put my name in the pot of people who are stunned by the quality of this map. So gorgeous and so fun. The secrets were not very challenging, but I appreciate being able to find them all in one go-through without scouring the map end-to-end over and over. The multiple boss fights were all fun, though I enjoyed the main arena the most. Great job Bal. 
AD_S1M1 Bug 
Is it known that the exit in ad_s1m1 "Slipgate Conundrum" leads to E1M2 (original Quake) instead of ad_chapters?

I have made a small ENT patch over at the Quaddicted forums as a temporary workaround. 
Feature, Not A Bug. 
Good to know! What's the idea behind it, though? Is there still a way to return to the AD hub somehow? 
Not sure about the reasoning but I think originally the ad_s1m1 remix was sort of a secret/bonus map? So since it's pretty straight (but backwards) remix of e1m1, it was sort of 'logical' for it to exit to e1m2?

You can switch maps by "changelevel <mapname>" console command, this will not default your inventory like "map" command does.

Try "changelevel start" for main hub or "changelevel ad_chapters" for the second hub. 
Monsters Shoot Through Walls 
on ad_crucial. Here is a save file where I can shoot through the wall infront of me and monsters too. 
Tears Of The False God 
...on The Quake Grave:

Great job as always Bal! 
Tears Of The False God
first play demo on skill 0.

Need to replay again. 
Haven't Played Stock AD In A While 
are the red health vials new? 
Health Vials Are New Yes 
I kinda pestered Sock, along with others, for some kind of "breadcrumb" item. I also think armour shards would have been nice too but I dont think they're in this release (or planned).

I think it gives a nice low powered reward for secrets or can be used to encouraged players to a certain path. 
Cool. Yeah I agree with the utility. And I loved them in "Altar of Storms". 
Widowmaker Ever Going To Get Its Own Sound? 
+Upvote @huanlopan's post

Request for Widowmaker and SSG to use separate sound files in AD.

Personally I like using sshotf1b from Quake 2 to of replace the Widowmaker ssg2 sound from AD, I just wish both the Widowmaker and SSG did not use the same sound file. Ideally I would use the original ssg2 file for the SSG and sshotf1b for the Widowmaker. 
You know I just now FINALLY circled back around to play Tears, and oh baby.

The "real ending" or "super secret" or whatever is one of the most epic Quake finales that I can remember. And not even super punishing (skill 2) -- although it certainly keeps you hopping -- but EPIC.

The scavenger hunt to find enough pieces to unlock that ending was good fun as well. I'm hot and cold on that sort of thing, but y'know once you have jumpboots then re-scouring a map becomes a lot cooler. :-) Also the environments housing a lot of the pieces were awesome: rewards in themselves.

Man it's a good map. So much work has obviously gone into the visuals that I wouldn't have been surprised if it landed on the style-over-substance side of the line... but it really didn't. 
Thanks Joel!
For the scavenger hunt, in an attempt to reduce frustration, apart from a few required shards, there are more shards than what you need (the remaining ones are replaced with ammo once you reach 16).
That's often why people will get to 16 shards despite missing quite a few secrets. 
If i play a custom map made for AD 1.7 (or for even older versions) it will work with AD 1.8? 
There might be one that doesn't... who knows with all the quirks/bugs in Quake and its mods. But generally yeah any AD map should work in 1.8. I don't think there's any currently known reason they wouldn't (and I've played several that way). 
@Joel B 
Thank you :) 
Seconding Joel 
I had started making a map using a previous AD release and at the time, I had asked sock if it would still work in 1.8. He confirmed that it was backwards compatible and that everything should still work. 
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