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Another Month, Another ..::LvL Update
31 days this time between ..::LvL updates.

Two very enjoyable DM releases and a very well made CTF release (but is missing a bot file).

* Inverted Penguin by Fjoggs and voodoochopstiks
* Crystal of Life by TymoN
* Spill the Blood by Quaker-X

Videos for the first two and panoramas for all.

In other news, work has begun on a Mods and Q3 Games section. It is early days and very much still in development, but has been popular already.
Always Happy To See These ..::LvL Updates 
And particularly happy to see a fairly steady pace of new releases recently. I really need to reinstall Q3A at some point and catch up on the latest maps. It's not my game of choice, but it warms my heart to see Q3A mapping alive and well (even if the scene is small).

Thanks for keeping the site going and posting these updates, Tigger! 
Some serious nostalgia in that mods section. Glad you're collecting stuff there, I hate when stuff vanishes from the net. 
to see more maps incoming and thanks for the list of mods/engines/tc. For those of us who come to Quake 3 from time to time this helps a lot. 
I actually completely missed the part about the new mods section & only noticed when Joel B pointed it out above.

That is very cool indeed and I look forward to seeing it grow. No obvious link to the mods section from the main site, though? I guess that'll be added later. 
Links And Stuff 
For the Mods listing, there is a link from the "Browse" and the "Full menu" while the code is being worked on.

Where possible, there will be links out to the main Mod or Game websites otherwise ..::LvL will have a download.

To be honest, there has been a massive amount of interest in Q3A lately. Guess Covid-19 is to blame. 
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