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Doom Tintin Jam Released
New Quake map pack based around the Doomtintin WAD by Tintin with custom colourful Doom 3 textures.

8 maps from Chris Holden, Greenwood, Nyoei, Pinchy, quasiotter, radiatoryang, RoosTer, Shadesmaster and a start map by Tintin.

Many thanks to Comrade Beep for help with the Jam and the rest of Quake Mapping Discord for their amazing mapping help, the start map was my first actual Quake map!

A final thanks to everyone for participating!

Left Out A Map!!!! 
Had to update it to add Radiatoryang's map! Sorry!

Can an admin update the download link with this one? Thanks!

Also the new poster!


Updated links and description 
Pinchy and Robert Yang have made a couple of entries here that push me on skill 2. Kiiinda almost "masocore" but not quite. :-) I can appreciate that in a short map. Two pretty different approaches too!

Great style too -- no knock on Yang but I'd have to say especially for Pinchy's map, really nailed a good way to use the texture set. Something about the layout with those long narrow sections is really Pinchy-esque too.

BTW I've never before noticed how brutal it looks when you get one of those big robot dudes (sentinels?) infighting. Them are some punches. 
Had to pull the ripcord on Rooster's map. I think this may be a riff on the "Doom 3 is pitch black" meme, but at least in D3 you _did_ get a flashlight. :-)

Anyways, too much wandering around in complete darkness for me... too much fighting vorelings and zombies in the darkness with just a bloodaxe. I'm about 60 kills in and finally got a sg+ng but the blackness still is turning even basic navigation into guesswork, so I'm out for now. I kept hoping for a sudden lights-on moment that would be a great relief and contrast!

I'll probably come back later with the gamma cranked just to see what I've been bumping against. I do admit that the blackness broken up by a few dimly colored fixtures and the bobbing fullbrights on the enforcer/grunt rifles -- it does make for a definite mood. 
yeah I'm still calibrating my feel for Quake, I always worry experienced players are bored with my encounters... will try to smooth it out a bit in the future

thanks for playing! 
No need to smooth it too much IMO. ;-) 
Continuing my thread-monopolization, I guess, with a few props for Shadesmaster. Neat combo of OG Doom and Doom 3 feels -- the custom music helps a lot, and also I gave an approving head nod for the design of the teleporter equipment at the playerstart.

The use of occasional enviro suits to hop across slime areas was nice, but I especially appreciated the discovery that the suit neuters those bastard poison-enforcers and I can just axe them to pieces at my leisure. :-)

I like the big thing (no spoilers I guess) that is the setting for the end of the map. Quake's limitations make it inevitably janky when you try stuff like that, but I appreciate that the ambitiously-janky approach still lives alongside the carefully-trimmed-brickwork school of mapping. 
Thanks for the feedback Joel B! Indeed, this map is going to be converted into a 'Slayer's Testaments' level, so Doom 2016 / Eternal feels are in there as well. Plus, Ninja Turtles obviously. ;) 
Design Analyses
(N a i t e l v e n i, Tin Tin, Radiatoryang, PinchySkree, Chris Holden)
(Greenwood, Nyoei, Shadesmaster, Rooster) 
Good Fun, Thoughts On Each Map 
Note: There are spoilers, and these experiences reflect playing the levels on hard mode.

1) Chris Holden's was the first I played, a straightforward action-heavy level with zero secrets, encouraging a run-and-gun style romp, which it was.

2) Rooster's Forgotten came next, and what a contrast to Holden's work. This is like Quake survival horror, complete with jump scares and limited ammo. The start is discouraging, pitting the player against plenty of enemies with only an axe, but isn't that how survival horror works best? You're helpless, longing for a gun, and when you find it, game on. Same with the lighting: this is a dark level until thank-the-lord you discover a light switch.

3) The level design of Edge of Serration reminded me of improvising with LEGO as a kid, putting together one of those blocky houses and -- unable to find the right pieces -- leaving these awkward gaps throughout. That doesn't mean the style isn't memorable and the combat poor, because that isn't the case. I wish there were more moments like the beginning when you're underpowered and discover how useful those blades can be against larger foes...

4) All I remember from Pinchy's map: running the hell away from enemies! The hovering blocks section at the end was sort of meh, but otherwise this is a level that pushes you to innovate on the go. When you finally have enough firepower to get rid of that troublesome enemy at the start, damn does it feel good.

5) Smell it in the Street... The encounters are relentless. I thought I had finally found relief upon opening the silver door but that's when everything got started. There isn't much room to breathe in this stage, as you're constantly trying to dodge attacks or find weapons. To be fair, maybe there was a quad lying around somewhere I missed...

6) cheat 4 dolphin facts is exactly the kind of conceptual mumbo jumbo that my past creative writing professors would've hailed as the avant-garde of the Quake scene. Not my cup of abstract tea.

7) Helldrome's map features this huge-ass tank or something towards the end, which makes for a dramatic battlefield. Worth playing just for that.

8) There are piles of boxes in Greenwood's map. This is what I remember best. How awesome would a climbing boxes level be... Like, a floating level with boxes you have to climb all the way up to the exit, battling enemies along the way? I don't think I've ever seen that. Anyway, that's not this map. This map is OK, and I had fun.

Thanks to all the mappers who dedicate hours and hours putting this together. And all for what? For the Quake! 
Yeah, Edge had a cool beginning with those blades. I also really appreciated the unusual spaces and paths throughout the rest of the map... clambering around through there was something a wee bit off of usual Quake map traversal. 
Righteous Into Eternal Life By Chris Holden 
Nice D3 Hell rework!
Overall Good Jam! 
This futuristic industrial theme looks so good!

Helldrome by Shadesmaster: I like THE TANK and pacing/combat. Good.

Forgotten by Rooster: Very spooky, very Even Horizon'ish. Very difficult until you figure out to bunnyhop through zombies and vorelings all the way to shotgun, appreciate the horror theme but that's not my cup of tea. Good.

Cheat 4 Dolphin Facts by Quasiotter: Another meme map/10. Wew lad.

Brightfolds by Pinchy: This glowing lamp on the floor isn't reads as teleporter by any means, found the way through map by sheer accident. Otherwise great map, esp the visuals.

Edge of Serration by Nyoei: kind of expected from saws to bring enemies to wall and then crush instead of damage over pass, but whatever. Good job here.

Fort Vikerkaar by Greenwood: Dat platforming! Dat colours! Dat cars in hangar! One of best maps in entire jam! But i didn't understood how to get megahealth underneath glass floor, first thought was to lure spawn onto it and then detonate so its explosion would broke glass but it didn't work.

Smell It In The Street by Radiatoryang: Ok I got it, with three thick pillars you can defeat just about any amount of enemies only by hiding behind them and triggering infighting. Love this ongoing "violet fluid" theme with base maps lighted this way. Probably best map in entire pack.

Righteous Into Eternal Life by Chris Holden: So simple, so satisfying. I like Chris' maps, I like to replay them. They primitive just enough to be geniunely fun and balance on the watershed between amateurish jank and overdesigned artificial blandness/boredom. 
@So Rangers Name's Jim? 
I am glad that you liked my map!

The megahealth-underneath-the-glass-floor secret shouldn't too hard to find: just go downstairs & look up. You'll see a light fixture that's colored differently than the rest. Shoot it & it'll be accessible. :) 
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