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AD SP: Retribution Revisited
My second Arcane Dimensions map is a remix of q3dm7: Temple of Retribution.

The story takes place in the years leading up to events of Quake 3. You are part of a team of rangers employed to identify suitable locations for the great tournament. After some searching, you come across a perfect arena, but unfortunately it's inhabited by a band of Quake's knights and their minions - you must clear them out if you want a chance of earning your commission!

Get it here:

Some screenshots:

Requires Arcane Dimensions 1.7:
Great visuals and very rewarding secrets! I finished the map quickly but missing about a hundred kills, so I looked for secrets more thoroughly and enjoyed all of them. It was worth the hunt, and I like how some hidden areas were hinted at. 
Yeah, ditto!

It's always nice to see a classic remixed and this is an exceptionally well-built example of the Q3->Q1 direction of that.

One bit of constructive criticism: I think the map does rely too much on the pattern of, "you touched something so now a bunch of mobs will spawn in surrounding you". 
Yea Joel that's a good point - I didn't really think about it too much until you just mentioned it. Will keep it in mind for the next one 
Arena Combat Done Well 
First I tried this on HARD difficulty. That might've been a mistake, probably because I'm not used to arena combat at that level. But after adjusting and playing this on NORMAL, I'm happy to say it was a thrill. The pacing felt right and I managed to find all the secrets. I'm looking forward to more maps! Keep up the amazing work :) 
100% Nightmare Run Over Here 
Very nice. Lots of curvy goodness and I really enjoyed the secrets as well (the 3 I found that is). Thanks! 
Another Great Map 
I too loved the combat in this one, having secrets leading to arena fights that are so much fun is an awesome idea that you don't see often. Thanks! 
This Map Just Plain ROCKS 
Had so much fun trying to jump here and there to break the intended pathway, and actually succeeding in that. All the arena secrets and pacing! So gorgeous level all in all. 
Yes Man. 
Nice map indeed, cool textures, good designs, some hectic gameplay, maybe a bit sparse on supplies in places.

Video with commentary, relevant critiques, and surviving by the skin of my bawbag: 
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