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AD SP : Oxy Black Fortress
Hi there, after a couple of months working on this map, I finally finished it. here is the release.

Arcane dimension 1.7 is needed you can download it here

You can found a trailer and screenshots here

I hope you enjoy this new aventure!

Most textures are from Makkon's awesome pack
Some textures are from Sock
I used sound from MarkieMusic's awesome soundpack
The music was made by MarkieLusic,
Bal gave me some help in order to improve the inside lighting.
Socks gave me technical help for AD stuff.

Beta testers (I'm not the only guilty one :p)

-Chris Holden
-Bal (only for first puzzle).
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Epic looking map, thank you! My 1st playthrough is damn short (:

qs 0.93.2 protocol 666) demo: 
Fantastic Map 
Thank you so much for this. Beautiful, epic, loaded with enemies and secrets. I'm still missing six kills (Nightmare) and one secret, hopefully I'll find what I'm missing. Additionally, I have a question about the "hot secret": how do I make it back safely once I grabbed it? 
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