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Q1SP: Hell Revisited
Authors: Rickard Edén & Greenwood

Originally released in 1998, this map used a custom color palette and all new textures. Unfortunately, the result was not pleasing. I (Greenwood) went and retextured the entire level from scratch with different textures that work with the regular Quake palette. I also applied colored lighting to really set off the lava. Finally, I fixed a few bugs (several ammo boxes would fall out of the map at launch, some monsters were stuck in the geometry, etc.) and cleaned up a few things. However, I wanted to leave it pretty much as it was, because it's a nice classic level. Enjoy!

P.S. I tracked down Rickard via the internet and he approved :)


The ammo count on this map is really really low ; I managed to finish it (not 100% though) with 0 ammo left, and that is PURE HELL.

That said, I never played the original, but it was a nice experience overall. And the trap at the beginning of the level took me by surprise!

Also, the intermission screen is definitely wrong, as it goes through walls. Weirdy-Weird.

My playthrough (available the 29th of April 2020) : 
Huh! I had no issue with ammo; however, I played it on normal. I'm guessing you played it on hard & if that's the case, then that's crazy ...because I fixed several ammo boxes that fell out of the map! It's definitely more friendly than it was before.

That's odd about the intermission screen. It works fine for me (using vkQuake). I am curious what engine you are using.

Unfortunately, I cannot watch your playthrough. It is marked as private. 
@ChOwW (part 2) 
Whoa. Just played it on hard. Whew! You weren't kidding. It definitely raises the stakes :) 
I feel the need to point out that when played as intended (i.e. with a custom color map) the original release looks fine. Not spotless or anything, but mostly alright. The visual problems arise from the fact that only software ports take the custom color map into account.
For other ports, things can be fixed with overrides. Here's a patch for the original. Unfortunately due to some naming peculiarities, this specific patch is only targeting Fitzquake, Quakespasm and vkQuake.

I also don't feel that this remake preserves the mood all that well, to be honest - that of a dark grimy dungeon with blood seeping from the walls. Part of it is the texture choices, but mostly it has to do with the lighting being twice as bright (vile/hellrev). Now, I feel I might be in the minority on this issue, but not everything has to be Disney-lit, AD-style.

All that aside, thanks for bringing the map to my attention, I enjoyed it, including the extreme ammo management. I did have to cheat at the very end with the shambler, but with a bit of foreknowledge I think it would have been doable. Seems like there are some extra nails in the remake at that spot. 
I Agree 
It most definitely loses a lot of the atmosphere being so bright, it makes the map less interesting. Pretty fun though, I managed to beat it with no ammo at all. Heh. 
I am glad that you enjoyed it! Again, I did not add any extra ammo in this version. I merely fixed the issue where a few ammo boxes fell out of the map upon launch.

I guess adding some scant colored lighting via WinMHColour did brighten the map a tad. I thought it added a nice effect to the lava. Definitely was not trying to channel "Disney" though :) 
The video should be up now ; if I didn't do that, I'd have done so many video releases at once, and that's not fun at all. :/ 
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