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Q1SP: Mars Base Excavation Incident
A doom themed Quake Map starting in a base environment, delving deep into the ruins of an underground temple, and back again.

The map was created with DOOM-like sector-style limits (as well as DOOM textures). Did my best to ensure there's no room-over-room, but still attempted to get as much reuse out of each area as was feasible.

Along with the aesthetic, this map is meant to be played in a run-n-gun fashion. It won't always be wise to charge ahead, but there are some big areas with lots of mobs where you can engage full on, if you like. The difficulty level is on the hard side, but I made sure to tweak easy mode such that it's still fun with thinner crowds of monsters.

I put lots of ammo in, and several armors along the way. Some obvious and some secret :D

Rip and Tear.


what a wonderful map!! i was skeptical at first because i'm not much of a fan of base maps--grunts and enforcers are my least favourite type of enemy, but it was just so fascinating how one thing led to another. far from just a map base, especially given the doom theme. i only died maybe 2-3 times, which says a lot about this being balanced pretty well. only criticism is that on the pillar jumps over the slime, maybe the doorway you gotta get to ought to be lit more so we know where to go. wasn't apparent to me at first. 
Re: Quasiotter 
Thanks for the feedback. Glad to hear the balance was good, and that you enjoyed the progression. Def appreciate the crit notes as well. This was my first standalone sp map, so I'll keep it in mind for future mapping. 
I had a great time with this one.You nailed the Doom theme and made it fun in Quake!

How did I miss this! I'm going to try it as it's own mod, as well as with Slayer's Testaments!!!! 
And here it is, on youtube! 
Fun Map 
Blending Quake and Doom, two of my favorites!

The Doom textures worked quite well here I think, although they were almost indistinguishable from Quake in certain parts of the map like the caverns - brown. Not that it's a bad thing. The slimey sludge areas looked nice with the .lit. On that note the colored lighting contributed well to the atmosphere overall, particularly the warm, diffuse glow of the sky reaching down the mountainside. I don't know if the colored lights are automated based on texture colors or what, but t'was good.

The combat was overall nice, some good ambushes that didn't feel cheap and always ample room for cover or maneuvering about the area. I particularly liked the large open area with the shambler and vore ambush, together with many lower-tier enemies. Luckily I picked up the quad just before this so I could mow down the mobs with the gl. Probably would have had some more trouble otherwise if I entered this area first, although infights would probably be easy to trigger here.

The fact that you weren't afraid to give the player access to all of the weapons long before the end was also quite nice, always fun to go amok with the rl and lg on flocks of foes. Although I couldn't figure out how to reach the sng secret near the exit door.

I also enjoyed the couple of platforming pillar sections, particularly the one with the ra/mh secret - not sure if I reached it the intended way, but doing trickjumps is always fun.

Link to a vod of my playthrough on skill 3. Died once or twice due to my own stupidity.

I also made some attempts at speedrunning the map, which I managed in the end: link 
Re: Shadesmaster 
That was awesome to see you play in Slayer's Testaments. Some visual quirks in the opening area due to non-matching frames with the marine models, but this was so excited to watch. Thanks for posting the video! 
Re: JCR 
Thank you very much! I remember you saying you just came off a DOOM Eternal kick, so it was very satisfying to see you play this map as intended. 
Re: Kaffikopp 
Love these notes, thank you for writing down the details of your experience!

Looks like you didn't run the custom progs that came with the map (which means some misc_models didn't show up in the intro area).

All the colored lighting was hand-tuned to work with the skybox and each area. Glad you liked the effect :D

Along with DOOM aesthetic, I was trying to give enough firepower to justify the amount of enemies I wanted to use. Definitely was a bit of an experience, but I'm glad it paid off.

Was wondering if anyone would attempt a speedrun. I don't have that skillset, but eager to watch that clip. 
Re: SpeedRun 
That was an incredible 14s run. I watched through all the attempts. Well done! 
Custom Progs 
Must have missed that, better read the readme file next time I guess. Although luckily nothing in the map seemed to have been broken as a result. 
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