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Scrap Thread
How many unfinished/unreleased maps do you have lying around? I'm sure there's quite a few for each one of us.

If you no longer have the energy and/or will to finish them, why not share them online so that some other mapper can have a look - and possibly finish them??

It might be a good idea to have one central "repository" type place for ease of access, and also to encourage others into not condemning their unfinished work to rotting on their hard drives.
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Another One Resurrected! 
Here is a cool Base scrapped map from Bal that I completed & polished. Bal even pitched in himself for the event! :) 
I used your Christmas Jam blockout for my "Blue Monday Quoth Jam" entry. After finishing "The Circulation of Shadows," I only had a few days to work on it, so it came in handy as a foundation :) 
I think rj also has a map in the remakequake scraps that is almost complete 
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