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Quake Xmas Jam 2019 Released
This years Xmas Jam map pack is here! 17 brand new super compressed Arcane Dimensions levels made by 15 talented mappers ready to be chowed into like a holiday feast!

Download: Here
Showcase Trailer: Link

Snowbound Atrium by Naitelveni and Fairweather (Start map)
Morituri Te Salutamus by Comrade Beep
A Window To Europe by Chedap
Expeditious Egyptian Extent by Fairweather
Trial of the Insane by Glans
O Terrorbaum by Greenwood
Violet Fluid by Heresy
Roba El Ehaliyeh by Ionous
Cave of the Selfles Martyr by JCR
Coldwind Castle by MortalMaxx
Untitled by Naitelveni
The Anti-Christmas by Nolcoz
Sacrifice Unto Santa by Nyoei
The Cold Embrace of the Grave by onetruepurple
Star Prison by Pinchy
Silo Breakout by Pinchy
Grim Ascent by Qalten
Final Clause by Shadesmaster

Special Thanks to:
Greenwood for the console/title screen art.
Sock and the AD Team for their fantastic mod.
ChrisHolden for proofreading and testing the start map.
Everyone who gave me assistance and answered my stupid questions
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Slight Issue With The Start Map. 
The Nightmare skill select seems to be selecting Normal. I will update the .zip seamlessly through the same link, but just a heads up for those that had downloaded first thing. 
where's jam's readme?
also considering 17 maps, there's only 12 map readmes? 
Who Cares? 
A lot of people simply didn't include readme files with their levels, which is fine, I'm not going to force everyone to include one especially when many of them will just be copy/paste formats with very little information. 
Congrats Everyone 
Please note: my map has known issues with skybox display in some uncommon engines. For software ports especially, I recommend turning the skybox off by typing: sky "" 
At First This Jam Is Magnificent, 
as well as Halloween Jam 2.
But they both occupy 1Gb of disk space.
And I tryed to solve it.
Everyone Quakelovers already have Arcane Dimensions (if not, You'll be surprised, when You'll get it ;)

To dramatically reduce size of xj19 folder, I cut off AD from it (241Mb vs 458 Mb in original) and usless skyboxes (not used in any maps).
(81 Mb)
(If I had no right to do this, please remove my post)

About me:
this is my thread on Quaddicted: 
It would be nice to do the same with Halloween Jam 2. 
Many maps will break without the two extra patches that do NOT come with the Arcane Dimensions base package.
In the future, simply ask for this sort of thing instead of editing/repackaging files nobody has given you permission to edit/repackage.
Things are packaged this way to ensure compatibility with all engines and setups, as if someone just dropped that into their AD folder it could at best not work, and at worst wreck their AD install. 
In General 
If it's a true stand-alone pack I think organizers should pair down the install where possible. Not a crime per se, but kind of a "best practices" thing. 500mb is pretty excessive.

Also not making a readme is just plain lazy. Many of us DO read still. 
File Size. 
500 MB isn't excessive, it's 2019. 1,048,576 MB of storage costs ~£30. This pack is perfectly acceptable. 
I ended up uninstalling/reinstalling AD to give this a separate install folder. That said, just started the pack and I absolutely love Violet Fluid. It's beautiful and fun. Looking forward to the rest. Thanks to all involved! 
It's an excessive download for some. Especially when it might be possible to pair it down. And many folks in the Quake community aren't made of money. But it's a stand alone pack based on the devkit so a lot of the files actually are necessary. 
Ah, so it's a standalone. I thought it was an addon for AD. That's the reason I got annoyed by it "taking over" my AD install and ended up reinstalling the latter. 
Did I commit the sin of omission by not writing a readme? Possibly. But ultimately, there wasn't all that much to write about in my entry's case - maybe except for giving discrete credit for each and every person who produced the custom textures I used. I crunched some numbers earlier this morning and I don't think I spent more than 24 hours on the map - really, I just threw together a speedmap when Fairweather had showed us (on #terrafusion) a screenshot of the start map. Just seeing that compelled me into action... but it was last Wednesday. Short notice? No kidding...

There was little time, which was a problem, as it takes me long to think of a suitable texture set and the general feel of the map - which leaves no time to actually do some actual brush pushing. Fairweather helped, giving me the tip to make a snowy metal map. Right away, I thought of using the blue ID1 runes I'd made all the way back in 2009, for the e3m4 variant from the ill-fated RemakeQuake. It didn't take me long to see that combining them with white fog would produce cool results.

My main progression idea - wrap the main path tightly around the start - yielded, to my surprise, a quite interesting layout.

Although I pretty much speedmapped the thing, and the size limit was not helping, I'm still quite happy with my map. I think it's got some unusual ideas, tight combat, and decent exploration (despite the map size). I hope you all like it! 
That was a cool little map! I liked that, despite its small size, you had a few different routes. The fog did give it a chilly feel. I enjoyed the close-quarter combat too that some of the newer maps tend to avoid. 
I'm Tempted... 
to take maps without readme files and repackage as maps made by Repus. 
Chedap Map Begining Was Cool! 
I loved the vista on that one, with the nice skybox, the tilted horizon and reflection on water.

Also, the red blood on snow was a great effect on another map (don't remember which one).

But WTF with this weird museum circus map!? That was a junk map for drunk players on crack. What an ugly surrealistic map. 
Currently uploading possibly the final version. Should be ready to download in about an hour. Includes the missing readme + installation instructions, bug fix updates to Chedap's level and a fix for a softlock on the Start map. 
Thanks, Gentlmens, For Your Forgivness, 
Mr. Fairweather and especially Mr, dumptruck_ds.
Yes, now 2019 and disk space becomes cheaper in addition minimum sys RQ was not cpecified. Modern maps built not for weak PC. When I try xmasjam2019_here and xj19_naitelveni maps on config: core i7 640m/intel HD graphics I-st gen/8Gb ram - they are becomes almost unplayable due to freezes. (This beautifull, of course, maps used a lot of open spases - the weakness of Quake Engine). By the other hand, due to the power of modern pc and talentes of modern Mappers, we can enjoy such beautiful masterpies maps. 
But What I Want. 
In addition, I care about peoples, who used to see own custom content in its favorite mod. (Even mappers used and prodused custon content, is not it?) Spesific of AD is, as You know, put PAK or pk3 into its directory is not enough, You should also remowe or replace the same file in thier directory. And I just already did it. And parameter -game ad -game xmasjam2019 allows not duplicate custom content in each mod folder. That's the reason why. 
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. I was a bit afraid that people would find it too cramped or too chaotic. I agree that most modern maps try to shy away from the style I've applied here, and probably for a reason.

Embarrassingly, I don't think I've played any of your maps yet. :(

But that's about to change soon! 
And parameter -game ad -game xmasjam2019 allows not duplicate custom content in each mod folder.

That's for DarkPlaces, which nobody on this forum uses. 
All That I Wrote Above Is For Quakespasm, 
that I use. 
Hello guys, nice work here, really lovely maps :)

As a representative of the multiplayer QW community, I just registered to see if there's any interest in making a fresh xmas mp map? Currently on most servers, there's only xmastree.bsp and hohoho.bsp, which feel pretty dated.

The idea just popped, maybe one of you pro's wanna port a "simplified" version of your xmas map maybe to become a dmm4 aim room, or whatever flicks your switch. How does that sound? To me it seems like little effort, and great exposure, as I'll personally ensure to spread it to the most popular and used QW servers, so that anyone can download it and play it there.

I'm online 24/7 at the QW discord: if you wanna chat about it :) (There's also a #mapping-talk channel for you nerds to explore)

Which of the maps would you suggest converting? Not a ton of MP mappers here but I think you might find a taker or someone willing to port one of the maps with the author's permission. 
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