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CoffeeQuake Has Released!
Promo Video:

A simple challenge was posed for mapmakers: Make a medieval-themed map in 1 hour. In the speediest of speedmap challenges, each level would be placed in a line to form one continuous episode. After the first episode was a huge success, three other episodes were made in the other three themes of Quake, this time with a two-hour time limit. With four episodes, that's a full Quake game for you. For free, no less! Where are you going to find a fairer deal than that? Now go play the bite-sized adventure set out for you by: CoffeeQuake!

This project was organized by Fairweather and myself. It contains 76 speedmaps by nineteen different people, (23 of which are playable in deathmatch), a start map by Fairweather, and an end map by Ionous.

More information is available in the included readme file.

Here is the download link:

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Finished this on Easy and about to finish on Normal.

Only one thing really bothered me.
Walk behind a pillar or something like that, pick up an item and finding it would count as a secret despite it requiring zero effort and thinking to get the item.
Felt a bit cheap and not really in the true spirit of Quake to me. I get the time constraints, but still eh.
OTOH, there were also many well placed, well thought out secrets.

Overall a hell of a lot of fun to be had and even many laughs at times, whether it was a few pop culture references or just blatantly ridiculous levels (in a good way) with the hordes with hilarious enemy infighting and the quad damage/pentagram runs. 
nice pack to have a blast, didnt play Quake for quite a long but this pack was a fast cool blast...

Loved the 4th episode totaly my stile :p Quad and monsters spwans.

Thx guys for the effort. 
Anyone who ran out of steam and didn't finish this one needs to go back and pick it up again (like I did). IMO it really gets rolling in the final 2 episodes and the last map, the "end" redo, is fantastic.

Actually if you don't feel like finishing this you still need to go try the last map.

That had me thinking more about gems that can get hidden in mapjam/speedmap packs. The end map here, zerosignal's map in sm198, axebeard's map in sewerjam... there's a project of some sort lurking in there for reviewers or videomakers. 
Joel B 
it's true... when most maps were standalone releases the best maps were easy to find on quaddicted... but now that most maps are in jams, and some of those jam maps are very good, the quaddicted rating system (which is doesn't bubble those to the top anymore.

It was also a problem with speedmaps, but speedmaps were never competing with the best of the standalone releases in terms of quality. 
that bit should read:

(which is based on releases not individual maps) 
Regarding The End Remake. 
I've always felt a bit conflicted with how I handled that. Ionous put a ton of work into a very fun and inventive version of the Shub fight, but since it was an End remake it sort of had to be locked behind a metric assload of 2hr speedmaps.

On the topic of amazing levels being hidden in jams, I feel like every community has these sort of issues. There's heaps of amazing Doom levels sandwiched in 32 levels of terrible community effort garbage, it's sort of the same with Half Life.
In a better world I think each level would gets it's own external page for voting and metrics, much like how TF2Maps deals with it's Jams. 
It’s Fine 
I could have done a 2 hour end version as well, but had a specific idea I wanted to execute. I’m not really worried that a lot of people didn’t play it; it was an opportunity to do my own version of end, and have it be a true episodic capstone. 
Good maps are hidden in jams.
Good posts are hidden in chat channels.

Welcome to Quake 2020. 
(Disco seems down for me, which is why I decided to shitpost here instead btw) 
I Think You'll Be Very Happy When Christmas Comes This Year, Kinn. 
If it comes at all, of course. 
I Hate Christmas 
I can't imagine anything that could make it less tedious. 
Seriously Thouhg 
fw - so whatcha got cooking? 
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