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CoffeeQuake Has Released!
Promo Video:

A simple challenge was posed for mapmakers: Make a medieval-themed map in 1 hour. In the speediest of speedmap challenges, each level would be placed in a line to form one continuous episode. After the first episode was a huge success, three other episodes were made in the other three themes of Quake, this time with a two-hour time limit. With four episodes, that's a full Quake game for you. For free, no less! Where are you going to find a fairer deal than that? Now go play the bite-sized adventure set out for you by: CoffeeQuake!

This project was organized by Fairweather and myself. It contains 76 speedmaps by nineteen different people, (23 of which are playable in deathmatch), a start map by Fairweather, and an end map by Ionous.

More information is available in the included readme file.

Here is the download link:

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Thanks Everyone! 
For being champs and pumping out so many amazing levels, and for Zungryware for picking up my slack when work got difficult for me.

Oh, and grats Ing on inadvertently making Bal work overtime <3 
An awesome effort by everyone, especially you guys for compiling them all. Looking forward to streaming these! 
I forgot DM and COOP spawns in my one little submission. Doh! 
Don't Worry 
I added four coop spawns to each of the levels. I think Pinchy and Ing-Ing were the only two people that had them in already. 
Refreshing Change Of Pace 
Well-dosed lo-fi fun romps; makes for multiple cups of coffee even. Impressive quantity, too. Some episodes feel just a tad too long maybe. Could have made for five or possibly even six episodes in total.

The RC2 in the filename implies there's a chance for another/final release. If that's the case, I would suggest addressing a few compatility issues:
-the level names contain uppercase characters which cause problems on case-sensitive OS, so it'd be best to lowercase them all
-I was pleased to see the demos are recorded on protocol 15. However, some of maps will crash old ports upon loading:
E1M1 has excessive visleafs which should be fixable by making the trees func_detail and/or fullvis.
E3M12 and E2M15 have excessive lightmaps which can be fixed by greatly upscaling the textures on the outer walls (visually unnoticable).
E4M19 has excessive efrags which is a bit trickier to deal with; I believe lowering the overall number of torches somewhat should help. 
It's a good idea to keep the "wad" string short and simple - too long and it can trigger crashes on some setups when attempting to load savegames!
A few people on Quaddicted have reported problems on some maps supposedly because of that.

Also @Dumptruck gang/QM crowd 
the lower case thing has been fixed and the link above reflects those changes...

I only made a map for this one so I will pass on those other issues to ZungryWare 
most of those screens look quite nice too! 
About Compatibility Issues 
Given that these maps were made by a menagerie of people, I have no qualms about it requiring a more modern sourceport. Though I'll admit I should have mentioned that in the post. 
Great job assembling all these maps into a massive pack.

This is a big hearty chunk of Quake, and the maps are short and sweet as I like it! 
Played the first two episodes yesterday evening, cool stuff so far, surprised at how balanced and fun it is considering the tight deadlines.
VOD here 
Quoffee Time 
In about fifteen minutes. 
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