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Q1 DM | Forefront
Hi there, I've created a new classic deathmatch level with an original music track to go with it. Enjoy.

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Nice Map. 
I like how the map looks, althoug my biggest problem with it is how confusing it can be to navigate with all the teleporters and such. It is also maybe too open which ended up with me killed a lot, or maybe is because I played it with 4 bots that i find challenging. 
Also, Nice Choice Of Music 
Thanks Nolcoz 
Thanks nolcoz, all these choices were definitely intentional.

During playtesting we guessed (and subsequently determined) that after around 20 minutes of flailing about, we started to understand the available environment and remembered where the teleports directed. This transitioned the gameplay to taking advantage of the confusing aspect to keep alive and use it to attack. And with a little tweaking, we made it so transition between play areas was possible and relatively smooth. Which then really made the skill of negotiating the map and the teleports heaps of fun.

We also decided that after 20 years, a functional plate served just fine as a teleport without the big ethereal structure. 
After Playing A Little More... 
I have to say that I started to see the fun of navigating this map. Good job.

On a side note, next time name your track something else than track00 because it started appearing on places i feel it should not be (for example the start map) 
Track Difficulty 
Yeah, that's an error on my part. I had a brain melt and couldn't work out how to direct the map to get the track to play by itself without renaming it. I figured putting it as track00 would be the simplest option.

Glad you're enjoying the map!

I Tried This 
Gotta say it's a very nice looking map and well constructed but if you stop and think about any kind of lag for a second -- this would likely be unplayable except upon a LAN.

I am fine with the teleporters being pads but they are way too difficult to see. I strafed into them way more than I wanted to. The narrow passageways and surprise teleporters takes navigation control away form the player which is not what I like in deathmatch.

It's a nice looking map but not for me.

Less tightrope walking, gotcha traps and more visible teleport pads would help a lot. 
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