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SM190: "Six Textures" Pack Release
2019 : SM190

Fifteen maps from thirteen mappers using only six



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Let's Post In The Right Thread This Time, And Only Once! 
I finished streaming these as well, viewable here :

Sorry for that first stream, was really tired, Nait and JCR especially deserved better from me hah.
Great pack overall, my highlights were sm190_newhouse which was crazy genius, and sm190_skacky2 which was just a really solid and fun map. 
Four Demos 
two completed - digs and nait
and two incompleted - newhouse and newhouse1

thanks guys

didn't like the jumping parts on digs' map ^)
the ammo on nait's map was a bit scarce

couldn't beat newhouse maps yet, i would once i'm ready 

Some of these are super lame, others I feel I do a good job of being entertaining enough.
Thanks guys, super impressed by mappers and speedmapping these days 
I went back to do a bit more of this pack, and I wanted to pop in quickly to comment on Newhouse's maps.

The first map diverged in several ways from a standard Quake thing: it was quite dark, had a weird/puzzley progression, made use of "unfair" monster ambushes, and was very low on ammo (on skill 2). You can get away with 2 or 3 of those, but all 4 is ... rough. I couldn't finish it without godmode, but it's interesting. Genuinely scary in spots too, and I don't think that would suffer if you ever wanted to give this one more playability polish.

The second map was great! It reminded me of e2m6 a bit, which modern maps rarely do. Fun and non-frustrating use of water, a swiss-cheese sort of route through a crazy medieval jungle-gym, and some strong combat setups. I appreciated how you set up monster mixes, staggered the introduction of some enemies, and put them in interesting places. I would recommend this map to anyone; it's not just "good for a speedmap".

Woo! I'm happy to see relatively-new mappers do stuff which has echoes of very early Quake but also sports a new odd flavor. It would be boring for custom maps to fall into one particular "production mode". 
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