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ADSP: AD_Shamsp4 - Annihilith Of Abhorration
First news post, first full map. Eat it you butts.

Industrial horror themed AD map. Named and dedicated to Kosmik Hammerski and evile metal worldwide.

No "explore carefully" messages in this one. Expect (hopefully) riotuous gameplay, lots of ambushes, some sniping, and IMBA secrets. Read the ad_shamsp4.txt readme for installation!



Edit: Updated with folder structure and monster skin issues hopefully fixed!
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when a mod calls for a skin on a model that doesn't have one, older versions of Quakespasm show checkers...can't recall if it is fixed. Typical scenario is a monster with multiple skins, but gibs that only have 1 skin. A lot of older engines would just fall back to skin 0 though. 
Sorry If The Sounds Directory Is Actually Mis-named. 
I will check that later.

Otherwise the packaging should be correct for players - none of my 3 testers had any problem with it, so I'm not sure what problem you had?? I provided clear instructions.

I had to download quoth_extra and add them myself to the stock AD 1.7.1 so I'm not sure how they're part of AD anyway??

As for the "partially boxed" and "prefabs left in" """""issues""""", I will reserve a more personal comment for next time we play Vermintide2 together, and will boost my mic more just for that. Apologies to Zwiff in advance. Suffice to say for the moment I could have easily """ fixed""" both of those - and indeed looked at the prefabs before deliberately choosing to leave them in - as an indicator of just how tiny the micro-shit is that I give about that irrelevant behind-the-scenes BS that other mappers might notice if they are wasting their time no-clipping through and has absolutely fuck all effect on the normal players that I'm actually making the map before. I do wish, however, that I'd taken the time to rename secret 8 as "Negke's Nagging Noise" secret as I did plan.

Glad the combat was fair - it was deliberately designed to be hordey for a change. The Plasmagun is designed to be collected ASAP yes, with many indications that way. 2/3 testers said the original map was fine in midday testing, 1/3 didn't so I lightened it a bit and tested it with Gamma 1 (which makes most Quake maps look unplayably fulldark on my rig). 
Them = Sentinels Ofc. 
My Bad 
It's only the QC that's included in AD 1.7, so Sentinel files are correct. But you'd want to remove the "ad_shamsp4" root folder so people can extract right into AD dir, and rename sounds to sound
I have the issue with no textures on Gaunts. The Sentinels work fine (I think!) for me. I'm using the latest QSS and AD 1.71.

Other than that, I love the map. It's not common to get the plasma gun so early in a map and it felt really good. Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year. :) 
I Had The Black And Blue Models Too 
But I just ignored it, figuring it wasn't anything serious. Didn't distract that the map was a ton of fun with just the right amount of carnage, challenge, and fetus.

First playthrough, hard skill: 
But you'd want to remove the "ad_shamsp4" root folder so people can extract right into AD dir, and rename sounds to sound.

Yes, sorry, I have fixed that and replaced the upload. Not sure how that slipped through.

Still, it could have been a worse package - it could have featured missing files, additional screenshots, additional promo videos, horrendously complicated map names, complete unrelated folder structures and a readme called readme.txt 
Black And Blue Models. 
Really not sure about this one, again no issues reported in multiple tests - and I am using a fresh(-ish) install of AD 1.71 with nothing added to it, and the same for Quakespasm.

The only thing it might be is forcing exactskin = 1 on enemies to get rid of the fucking randomized greenish skin that gets on a lot of AD models by default. But I'm not sure how that would cause a problem on some experience and not others... 
Okay Guys. 
Thanks to lpowell, Scrama, Barnak, Hipnotic Rogue and ORL for enjoying the map despite the b0rked skins. It turns out it was forcing exactskin = 1 , I've no idea why it only happens to some people, but hopefully I've fixed it (selected all the monsters, turned exactskins off, then selected all the zombies, and turned it back on for them).

Sorry for a bit of b0rkage with this, it's pretty frustrating when nothing at all goes wrong in testing and then b0rkages appear out of thin air after release!

P.S. Yes I wanted a gameplay theme of carnage - evne more so if you get the secrets.

P.P.S. Viking war metal would be fine, but brutal or cult death metal better ;) 
If the gaunt has 1 and only 1 skin (it does), then trying to set it higher than skin 0 will cause black and blue checkers....but only on engines that don't fall back to skin 0 if a higher number is called.

MarkV falls back to skin 0, not sure about others. irc QS does not. 
Played Most 
died alone in a tarbaby hole.
recorded demo til that point.

Good fun, lots of cool shit in this, I died stupidly super fair til that point. also got plasma early. Glad you're continuing at this clip, as a now casual player really liking the tempo of releases. and as a not accomplished non mapper I'm very open minded about with boxes, prefab rooms, and full on bi curious about the "QuARK-style gridwork"
Thanks for the map! 
There Were Tarbabies?? 
Someone must have hacked the map and added those, sheesh. 
For Some Reason 
that map made me laugh
3/5 stars
played it and then deleted it ffs 
Good Start To 2019 :) 

(recorded on the version available on the 3/1/19)

cool style and visuals, especially the final room! A bit too dark in places but nothing unplayable.

Love the exploding quakeguy bodies, and a nice twist with them later on that made me reel back in terror :D

Combat was mostly fine but there were too many situations where you could take out enemies long range where they were no threat to you, and many instance where you could ping pong out from a door way and kill everything in the next room while being safe for the most part.

I think the last room suffers from this quite a lot. If the bottom of the room (with the fetus) was bigger and the player was forced to stay down there while enemies reinforced from above it would feel much better as everything would be a threat, as it was I stuck around in the corner by the button and sniped most of the room from a totally safe position.

I didn't realise the bone ladders were actually ladders until after the final room arena was done. These ladders needed to be introduced earlier in the map so that players have time to examine them and see what they do before they are entered into combat!

The slope jump to grab some items is cute but assumes that the player knows about slope jumping! I suppose it isn't so bad here as the player can get to the items later on so the slope jump acts like an early unlock mechanism. I guess I actually don't mind it so much now that I've written it down :)

I found 0/8 secrets! Nothing ever really stood out to me as an "ahh I bet I can jump there" or "looks like a ledge I can walk around" etc. I really have no idea where any of the secrets could possibly be :) There was a lack of any visual language or foreshadowing to give me an impulse to explore for secrets. As an example in most sock maps there is a specific type of window that is always breakable, and you are given one of these "for free" near the beginning of the map. Later in the level you can see these windows in places far away or somewhere you cannot reach currently and it makes you think about the level and how to get there.

Err a wrote a lot. Happy new year! 
Shambler Is A Viking Lord 
Here, play Quake (any map in nightmare mode) while listening to this awesome track :

Vikings in Hell Valhalla. 
Cheers Daz. 
Great post, glad you had fun, useful comments too...

A bit too dark in places but nothing unplayable.

Good luck playing some of the SM190 maps ;). It was tricky to get the lighting balance right as it needed some darkness for atmosphere and 2/3 testers found the first, darker, incarnation fine.

Combat was mostly fine but there were too many situations where you could take out enemies long range where they were no threat to you, and many instance where you could ping pong out from a door way and kill everything in the next room while being safe for the most part.

Yup that's part of it. I never like forcing the player into combats too much. In this case I wanted riotous ambushes but the player to have the option to charge around like a loon or play it tactically. I saw one tester go for the headlong approach and it was certainly more hectic and less "snipey from doorway". Same with the final room - it's a pure arena and I don't like arenas, so I tried to make it semi-dramatic but fairly reasonable combat. There's still a lot of damage coming your way if you're careless.

Good point about the ladders!! I thought they looked pretty ladder-like but then again I've thrown some wacky details into the map so maybe there could be confusion.

Slope-jumping, well given how ever cunt and his pet rotfish tried to steep-slope-slide to get out of the first area in Shamsp1, I hoped most people would get it easy enough - and I put in a lot hints that there was a plasma gun available, so hopefully they'd try something on that crate. Probably stand there gormlessly shooting at it.

Secrets....some are tricky, some less so. One simply requires going down a side-corridor. One is in plain view but requires a closer inspection. Three of them have two hints to their secret buttons / approaches. Another one just requires looking. I will do a runthrough at some point. 
New Year New Map 
Nice map. I downloaded it as soon it was released but I only just tackled it.

I agree that some of the long range combat made it too easy to take out enemies from far away, and it was easy to cheese some other enemies. Combat was mostly pretty good. I learned early on that pretty much every pickup would be trapped. Some of the effects like zombies spawning from the grunts on the medical tables were really neat. My only complaint was the tarbaby fury that you unleashed as that made it a little hard to take the map seriously at that point - it didn't really introduce much of a challenge since they were easy to avoid so they just ended up being bullet sponges.

After backing into that shambler in shamsp1, I learned my lesson about looking around me after pressing a button or triggering monster spawns. It paid off on the top level when a bunch of monsters spawned behind me. I found myself looking up for a lot of the combat and I felt sorry for Quakeguy's neck, but it was a good combat element.

0/8 secrets although I wasn't looking too hard, but I'm still surprised that I didn't stumble upon any. The ending was excellent. I liked the lights going out because things like that help maps to come alive, and it created an ominous feeling for the final encounter. I was mesmerized by the fetus and I liked how you concluded the map. Very twisted and unique. Well done. 
Thanks Poorchop! 
Good comments. Glad the pick-up / switch ambush correlation was clear. Glad the ending felt good

Yes the spawn ambush was....well it made me laugh the first half a dozen times I triggered it, it is a bit silly but I liked it too much. The map treads a fine line between seriousness and cheesiness, but sobeit ;) 
I've Liked It A Lot! 
Thank You :) 
As a bonus here's a run with all secrets including the notorious "Grid 0.125 secret" 
Great Fun 
I'm still tickled by the idea of Shambler being the ultimate "map lurker" - one of the oldest pillars of this community only just now unleashing his evil brushery into the world. Good things come to those that wait etc.

Theme: strong, consistent, focused. A bit too dark for my liking, but I was playing during the day so maybe partially my fault.

So yeah, I just had a lot of fun playing this. I realise that I have been doing far too much beard-stroking recently, convincing myself that quake is about encountering pipe-smokingly sophisticated placement of monsters.... and then I play this and realise that actually no, at the end of the day I do just prefer chaos and running around arenas and fun hordey gibbygibs, which this map is all about.

So thanks for reminding me what's fun about quake I guess! 
Thanks Kinn :) 
I did aim to make the gameplay more riotous and violent than in my previous maps. 
How U Open Trapdoor With Slipgate On The Highest Level With Bombies? 
It opens on some playthough, and stays closed on the other. What's the pattern or trigger? 
Secret Button On The Bottom Level... 
...but secret button is easy to accidentally hit.

Also negke is still a penis. 
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