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Q1SP: DM6RMX: "The Dark Portal"
I managed to finish an old half-finished map I had sitting around on my computer collecting virtual dust after I got inspired by how healthy and active the community still is after all these years. I've fallen in love with the new tools too, so hopefully there will be more maps after this!

Although this map is based on DM6 - The Dark Zone, it's hard to make out any of the original elements, as I changed the map so much to make way for a compelling single player experience. All skill levels are supported, along with (untested) coop and deathmatch modes.

Here's the file:

Screenshots here:
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Thanks For The Demos, Guys! 
I've been watching them while eating breakfast each morning and it's interesting to watch how each person plays. I guess most people are fairly cautious when playing a map for the first time, so I've noticed the main arena fight doesn't always work that well, mainly because it's easier to use the computer filled lift area as a sort of bunker and wait for the monsters to come at you, and also there is a tendency for players to stay at the top and pick off the stronger monsters in a boring but safe way. Will have to watch out for that kind of thing in future maps, because I'd rather keep players on their toes.

I really want to check out Fifth's coop demo, but I couldn't get the engine to run on my linux laptop. Will have to try on my windows machine another time.

By the way, JCRs YouTube demo was nice because I could watch it sped up. Anyone know if there is a way to play .dem files sped up in Quake? Play controls on demo playback would be amazing, but I assume it's not a trivial thing to implement. 
in demo playback on Mark V, I think PGUP and PGDN will do rewind and fast-forward. 
Or try leftarrow/rightarrow hmm. Can't remember. 
Sweet, Thanks! 
I'd better give MarkV a try. Kinda wish some of the nice features of MarkV were merged with QuakeSpasm, since QuakeSpasm is multi-platform. 
Host_timescale Or Sth In Qs 
default is 1 iirc 
yep, see above :) 
What A Beauty Btw 
And welcome back!
It's funny how a mapper can have its own unique style in each and every of his maps.
I adored the scenery, and the dm6 origin is not only recognisable but in combination with the general progression quite clever executed.
Also excellent abuse of vanilla progs, surely a negkeboner.
I played on skill 1 and found the actual combat a bit unfair at times due to limited supplies and rustyness on my side.
No problem in the end, the architecture provided enough cover for me :)
Chthon was mandatory, loved how the map just continues after zapping him with pleasure. Sorry no demos, i found 3 secrets until now but i will hunt them all down.
Go map!


And what about APSP4
Glad you enjoyed the map. Ammo balance is always hard, and I certainly feel I messed up a little bit with this map. Feels like there are far too many shells sometimes, then not enough ammo in general at other times, especially if the player picks stuff up when they don't need to. Spy's demo illustrates just how much ammo there is if you play it safe though :D

Apsp4 will probably never see the light of day :(

Thanks for the timescale tip. Works a treat! 
To Be Fair 
Placing too much ammo is a far better mistake to make than not placing enough ammo ;-) 
Amazing map! Like others said, a true "map-of-the-year" contender. I got lost sometimes, but that's on me, i just like to stop to admire the details and architecture and immediately forgot what i was doing.

I'm really glad that no enemy was hidding inside a secret, like usually happens in huge maps like this (yep, i hate when i finish the map leaving enemies alive just because i didn't find some secret button to shoot that makes 25 scrags appear). Thank you for that =D

Here is my blind playthrough

Skill 2 Hard
Secrets 05/08
Kills 130/130
Zero deaths \o/ 
Very nice. I still had a WIP from August 2014, but didn't really remember much of it. Seems like you made good additions/changes.
It's a great-looking map with fun gameplay and secrets, although I found the author secret only afterwards (one of the centerprints has a word cut off). The hub-based layout with the two routes was a nice touch.

I died once during the boss fight due to overthinking it, really. The stupid tracking... but the attacks can't really hit the player if just running along the walls. The lower parts are very reminiscent of DM5RMX; I could imagine the water arena with bumpy floor might create some grief for unlucky players, but I got through fine.

Bonus points for DM support, though from a quick glance I doubt it'll play well.


Are you going to finish DM1RMX next? 
Thanks for the demos. If only you had looked at the ceiling a bit more, you might have found the quad, the super secret, and spotted the entrance to the YA+nails secret.

Dunno what map I'll do next. I am kind of busy at the moment, so not sure if I will have much time to map anyway. If I dm4rmx it will fill a gap in the sequence, so I'm more tempted to do that than dm1rmx right now. I also actually started playing with the dm4 texture set and recent light tools, so 4 seems most likely. 
what the heck was with the fiend? It looked like it was working out to burn fat for the summer or something. 
Mr "People don't look at the ceiling in my maps" gets busted!! 
More Like People Don't Look At The Ceiling Much In General 
But then, 6 out of 8 (9) secrets on a first run isn't so bad. 
Sporty Fiend 
It was ye olde 'awkward floor' double jump behavior + infighting. When a fiend jumps onto a grate or too close to a ledge, it'll jump again until the full bbox touches solid ground. But since the AI always wants to move towards its current enemy, the fiend kept bouncing around there after being hit by the enforcer and then by the vore, and couldn't turn around. Eventually I decided to put an end to its athletic aspirations. 
Check out my demo for a very special rocket launched Fiend. 
Youtube Version Of The Coop Demo 
Fifth: Thanks for the coop demo upload. It was fun watching that demo. I left a comment on your youtube, but glad to see the map works quite well in coop even without teleporters.

otp: I watched all of your demos I think, but maybe I missed the fiend you are talking about. Someone had a fiend get stuck leaping up and down in the little wind pipe, killing the shambler, who wandered in. In general, fiends seem to suffer the most amusing bugs of all the Quake enemies. 
I Think Pretty Much The Same Comments As My Beta-testing. 
I.e. it's GOOD. Very strong meaty design (even though it's not my favourite texture theme), good meaty gameplay. The arena bit is a bit long-winded but pretty well-balanced and the usually demoralising Chthon is thankfully short-lived. In my proper run I found all the secrets too. Oh and I like the power-cube usage and effects with the lighting, nice one.

Also of course, DM6 like Id made it ;) 
Great Map 
Cool map, than! My first run was too long, because i couldn't find the blue key. so here is my second run (skill 1): 
I really wish Than would go on another speedmapping binge like in the early 2000s
Gonna replay this now 
Best Map Of 2018. 
No more no less. 
Brilliant map. For some reason I didn't enjoy it the first time I started it. IIRC, it was because I just got confused after a while and didn't know how to proceed. But this time around, I just loved it (even though I got a bit confused this time around as well at one point). Unique design and great gameplay. Found 6/8 secrets. Thanks for an excellent map! 
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