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Still Alive At ..::LvL
Still alive update for ..::LvL. Three maps have gone up. A little mixed, but some quality in a re-mixed version ztn's Q2 classic "The Killing Machine".

* The Killing Machine for Q3A by Obsessed
* BIGMAP02 by JonnYReds
* Final Inspiration by Gooball

Videos and panoramas for all.

In other news, a large chunk of the site has been redesigned to load faster and scale better from small screens to large desktops monitors. Still working on some sections. Find a bug, please report it.

If you have ever thought about supporting ..::LvL, now is a good time as the our main business (the reason we can run a server for free for so long) is entering a turning point and is almost not supporting itself any more. Once that happens, only donations will keep ..::LvL alive. And the site may have to move to an Amazon server or something similar - still looking at best options.
Have Map Jams 
The Killing Machine 
Wow, loved this map for Q2. The Q3 version is great also. 
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