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New Q1SP (AD): Grendels' Blade
Sock just released a new AD map on twitter. Thanks to Tribal for the tip!

Screenshots, download, and more info.

NOTE: This map requires Arcane Dimensions v1.7 AND Patch 1. Parts of the map will be broken if patch 1 is not installed. Get them here.
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Skill 3, All Secrets. 
Playthrough, skill 3 and all secrets. Enjoy! 
Skill 2 Demos 
I finally got around to playing this one! I was about halfway through my first run when a careless jump landed me in the lava all the way at the bottom. I really liked the upper area where you could walk across the hilt and the various platforming elements. I'll have to play it again to find all the runes and the last secrets. I also really appreciated how the encounters had lots of monsters and lots of weapons & powerups! 
Skill 2 Demo 
Impressive map
Got completely lost twice
Liked everything else a lot
Almost got to the end without dying.
Got many secrets
Didn't realise I should shoot the runes 
Skill 3 Demo 
nice blade in the middle of the map

i'm guessing that the map has a second run like ad_ac? another time i will find the last thingy to shoot

nice encounters, i like the difficulty.

demo in skill 3, using qss-spiked 
Missing Models Issue 
Hi Sock,

I installed ad_v170 + patch 1 and I see these missing model messages in the console:

I don't want to start the playthrough if monster models are missing, that would get weird :)

Could you please point me where to get the missing models from? 
Please Ignore 
user error.. installed patch 1 twice :) 
Skill 1 Demo

Really enjoyed this, think it shows in the demo. Lots of derping as well. This was actually the first Quake map I've played in over a year, pretty happy with my decision.
I've got quite the treasure trove to start combing through now though - almost intimidated hahaha!
Thanks for this and all your other amazing contributions Sock! 
Wow, another great maps by Sock!

Here is skill 1 .dem:

It is a bit mazy, so I didn't find all the runes :< 
I forgot to post this here :P

Finally i found some time to play this map. I saw the offical page showing som many things to do and to find that i wanted to play this with more attention to the details, because i knew that i would become obsessed with the search.

i had to split my playthrough in 3 parts. Here is the first one, from the begining of the map until i die next to the exit door:

Since i died so quickly in the first part, i wanted to take my time to find more ammo and health packs before trying to fight the minotaurs again. After that, i went in my epic search to find the last runes to finally destroy the sword:

In the second part i left the map without killing two enemies, so i quickloaded again just to kill them:

Hard mode, all secrets, all sub-secrets, all runes and all enemies killed \o/ 
Spoiler-flavored Waffle 
That waffle is yummy AF but certain parts are brim with spoilers. You should warn the reader about them. Otherwise, it's a very interesting read about inspiration and the process of creation. 
Yet Another Masterpiece From Our Lord And Master! 
Wow, what a map! I adore the juggernaut maps a la Sepulcher or Swampy, but it's also nice to play a relatively smaller scale Sock map in which you can hardly get lost. It was so carefully built around that impressive central set piece that I never wondered where I was. Visuals, layout & combat are all top notch, and the quads in plain sight are a nice touch - nothing more irritating than finding a quad hiding in a secret once you've butchered everything that breathes. Skill 2 difficulty was spot-on: it was challenging but still very much manageable - as a matter of fact I didn't die once. Oh, and I enjoyed the book with the quad poem inspired by Lord of the Rings.

I do have one minor quibble, though: could you please stop with your annoying habit of making unmarked secrets? We can't keep track of them and know whether we got them all or not. Thank you.

All kills, 9/10 secrets. The final rune still eludes me... :( I did record a demo in QSS but when I try to play it, it crashes the engine (no clue why), so sorry but no demo for you. I might record one again in QS when I replay the map, so stay tuned.

BTW, how did you find out about that Mathias Quad dude? 
Did a nightmare walkthrough for youtube. Not sure if 100% or if I missed something! Have a look, cheers! 
Amazing Map 
Great style and architecture. Loved the setpiece and attention to detail, the remotely Zendarish exploration around the roof areas, and there even is a Tronyn moment when trying to climb the mountains!
Gameplay on skill 2 is good fun, especially with all the Quad action - felt like the difficulty is spot-on; challenging but not over the top. I died a few times, but it never felt unfair or overwhelming. Lots of supplies and good secrets. I liked the additional rune hunt, much like in Sepulcher. It adds some off-combat activity. Only found the last one afterwards - nice reward.

The map captures the essence of AD perfectly: good details, intricate layout, meaty combat without the bulletsponge/underpoweredness, many secrets. Well done!

Simply Excellent!

I liked how a whole wing was unnecessary, the one right off the center where you jump to the ledge. Really adds to the sense of exploration and place when areas like this aren't there simply for progression. 
Brilliant map. Loved it. 
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