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New Q1SP (AD): Grendels' Blade
Sock just released a new AD map on twitter. Thanks to Tribal for the tip!

Screenshots, download, and more info.

NOTE: This map requires Arcane Dimensions v1.7 AND Patch 1. Parts of the map will be broken if patch 1 is not installed. Get them here.
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Great map, really appreciated how much more challenging it was than sock's other AD maps. I liked the shambler+scrag combo ambushes. The final encounter was really excellent because it didn't take place in a confined space so it had vague boundaries making it more dynamic and unpredictable, there's also something in particular that I really liked about it... I think it may be the best final encounter sock has ever done.

I got lost after getting the skull eye key though, I really didn't think about looking down from the hilt. I was looking ahead and jumping to get to the other side of it, because I was naturally expecting an ambush upon picking up the key. I think some other players might have the same experience. 
This huge blade is E.P.I.C. 
Sock map on a free Sunday afternoon? Yes please! 
What Is The Portal To Grendel, In The Start Map? 
Or is there any portal for this new map ? 
There is no portal in AD for this map. Its just a map that uses the AD mod.

It also lacks vore tits so I'm not sure youll like it very much, barnak. 
17m28s first run, 12m21s second run, 2/10 secrets found 
Terrific Map 
Loved it from start to finish. It had everything. Good visuals, fun combat, impossible to find secrets. Sock hits another home run with this map!

First run playthrough, hard skill:

At the end of the demo is when I start finding the secrets I missed, and in the end I managed to find 9 out of 10. I wasn't able to legitimately find the last altar to destroy the grendel sword but I did see the nice cinematic of it being destroyed. 
Sock Maps Rule 
Here are my demos:

I played on Normal but could have played on Hard. I didn't use but did find lightning guns in secrets. Also didn't use the rocket launcher. I was just having too much fun with the tripple boomstick and the nailgun.
The reason I found many of the secrets was because I didn't see at first where to find the gold key, so I went exploring. I liked the exploring though, stuff to find everywhere and feel good about it.

I really had fun at the end, backed up against the exit teleporter and NOT letting go of the fire button. I finally survived with 20-30 health and no armor.

There is no need to go over the things that were pulled of exquisitely as I couldn't do it better. Thank you very much for making this level, I had a blast playing it.

I wonder if the nordic runes on the blade read: ”Grendel's Slayer of Deities“, or anything at all. I'll be right back when I find something. 
Map With Sword In Q3 
This new AD map reminds me an old Quake3 map : 
Well, the sword in this AD map is also called Caliburnus. But that's a common name:
eventually I settled on the idea of the sword in the rock, Caliburnus 
"...but I Did See The Nice Cinematic Of It Being Destroyed." 
That didn't happen for me. Must re-visit.

BTW, great map! :) 
Enjoyable Map, Have A 1st Play Demo

Didn't find everything but then again who does?! 
Nice Map, Skill 1 First Playthrough. 
Great Map As Usual 
Didn't find everything but then again who does?!

After completing the map i've managed to find the latest secret and kill the rest of the gangs 
skill 1 playthrough:
Maybe I'm dense but I was finding the secret runes more easily than I was finding some of the main paths! Took about 45 minutes to find the gold key and then spent another 15 trying to find the last rune without luck.

Combat encounters were good fun, and the level has beautiful geo and lighting. May have to try again on skill 2 now that I know my way around. 
The clipping is immaculate! 
Striming This This Evening I Think. 
What Time? 
Whatever Time It Was When This Happened: 6:20 onwards.

Great map, loved it, good balance of some hectic gameplay and lots of exploration. And an exciting demonstration of how far pure Id textures can go.

Not really much else to say except that the detailed explanation in that readme page all works in reality.

As per the stream the only issue I found was the Eye-For-An-Eye key triggering the door rather than opening. 
Very Cool 
Very cool map! I liked uberinterconnectivity, though i had major fps issues in the main hall with the blade. Map was barely playable close to the top cuz of that, but i'll return there at home on better computer and find the rest of runes.

Thanks sock!

Here's skill 1 demo: 
Thanks Everyone 
for the feedback and demo's and especially to metlslime for creating this thread. I had given up on this place due to the anon shit posting and a few negative individuals determined to make my life miserable. Its good to see the community prove me wrong about this place.

I have seen most of the demo's now and it was fun to see how everyone took to the run+gun style. (Some still love to explore) I do wish everyone gave me a hint about what client they use to record/play Quake, because some just don't work in QS.

I do hope most of you enjoyed the web page waffle for the map. If this is something you would like to see more of, let me know what maps and an idea of what details to waffle about! 
Loved The Waffle. More Maps And More Waffles Please 
I might have time to finish this tonight. 
Yeah more waffle! I selfishly would love a write-up on Fallen from Grace. It's the map that got me excited to map again after a many year absence. That map and TrenchBroom got me hooked again.

Please stay involved here.

Link to Fallen from Grace for readers: 
Yes, I really liked the article and even see it as a replacement for a readme. Your article is, what readme's should be.
I case you had trouble with my demos, I used the newest Mark V. 
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