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Q1SP: Zombie Jam 2
Author(s) : Giftmacher, Muk, Scar3crow, Sock, Zombie
Description : Lifts and Zombies and 20ish monsters
Conditions : All maps created in 3-8hrs (one speed session only)

Screenshot composite

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I searched on quaddicted for the first Zombie Jam and i didn't find it :/

Is it hosted somewhere else? 
Thank you, sir =D 
Some Quick Demos 
Lovely Little Pack. 
Love the small maps sizes combined with good build quality and strong medieval (and base themes). A few niggles (Gift's sky, Scarecrows brushes), but a fun little pack for sure. Playthrough and commentary here: from 13 mins. 
play on zjam2_giftmacher twice. First time was killed. 
Fun little jam, didnt think there was enough zombies though ;) 
Out Of Interest 
Where was this jam organised? Was it just through a bunch of private emails or PMs to "the right people"? 
It Was Specifically Prohibited To Anons With Stupid Names. 
Loved the architecture of Muk's map, and also loved the panic from that slow-opening door and ambush in Giftmacher's map. Scar3crow's map had me in a panic-sprint that somehow led me in the right direction to the exit. Good stuff all around!

Here are some skill 1 demos 
If Anybody Is Interested In Zjam1

Was released days prior to zjam2 
I can't find the exit on zjam1_zombie's map

Someone knows where is it? :P 
the exit is DEATH 
Well... that's not fair :P 
I recorded two playthroughs of Zombie Jam 1:

Sock's map:

Muk's map:

Two little/quick maps (i finished each one in less than 4 minutes), but with an awesome visual =D 
Gave zombie jam 1 a skill 1 playthrough. No demos, but might record some if I do a skill 2 run. Solid mechanical design and some moody environments :) 
Three Demos 
Six Demos Z_jam2 
skill3 first runs, i ragequit the scarecrow map

thanks guys 
Three more playthroughs =D


I really don't like when a map doesn't have an exit :P


Same author, but way better than the first map. A lot of details which make the map look like a real place. And now we have a proper exit =D


Man, i love when we have a different theme in Quake, like this egyptian map. I think i'm a little tired of the same old castle/wizard textures that we find in 99% of the Quake maps. And the attention to the details is amazing here =D 
The last three levels =D


The part i loved more was the ambush with three shamblers while i was waiting the door to open XD
Yes, i turned on the bloom effect because i think it looks good with foggy maps =D
Oh, and after i recorded the playthough i noticed that the sky texture with the blue clouds didn't show up :P i think it uses the same name as the sky from the start map and the game didn't update the texture :P


I think if the deathknight and the ogre didn't have hit the fiend at the begining of the map I'd be dead by now XD


Sock is awesome as always =D I love the strong contrast between lights and shadows here, it looks amazing with FTE's real time lighting <3 
Nice gameplay. I was particularly impressed with this realtime lighting, but after a while I've realized that while its player & monster shadows are perfect, the lighting of the map itself seems weird, and too bright in many places.

I wonder if that's because the engine doesn't recognize the custom entity flags from EricW's light tool. Attenuation styles, etc. 
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