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Quake 100 Brush Competition, Version 4.0, Released
The fourth iteration of the 100 Brush Competition has been unleashed. Nineteen Quoth maps to whet your single player Quake appetite. Congratulations to WW on his glorious victory.

Download it here:

Composite screenshot:
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Final Results 
1st: Deflan'Ka by WW
2nd: Ioian Shorelines by Ionous
3rd: Immortal Reach by Spipper
4th: The Di[g]stortion by Digs
5th: Frostbitten by Ionous
6th: With Apologies to Insomniac by Spud
7th: The Vale of Dream by Redfield
8th: The Teleportation Complex by Newhouse
8th: Beyond and Within by Artistical
8th: Between Dimensions by JCR
11th: Locus Genus by Artistical
11th: Pyro's Barbecue by Newhouse
11th: The Forgotten Station by Artistical
14th: Cerebral Edema by Shotro
14th: The Engineering Department by JCR
16th: The Tutorial by Dumptruck
17th: N-Titties by Shamblernaut
18th: Unwarranted Phlebotomy by DelusionalBear
19th: Ela-V8 by Roman 
Wow Crazy 
Congratulations to everyone! I can't wait to play them. Right now I'm just reading the results and laughing my ass off. 
Something in this pack is making the levels hang in the version of Mark_V I am using (version 1.99). 
Managed To Leave My Map Out... 
Correct zip

Mods, if you want to repalce... 
Uh, Disregard Prior 
I'm just overwriting orignal file. So no intervention neeeded. In my defense, it's ultra late. 
Ok, So I Didnt Read This And Just Realised Its For Quoth 
First batch of demos, doing these in random order, most demos are on skill 2, a few are on skill 3 when I'm in the mood.
Congrats on everyone who made it, some great stuff in here so far!

2 demos cause I died alot. Fun map, pretty hard, was playing on skill 3 and ended up switching to skill 2. I think I messed up and didn't record the playthrough I actually finished. I hate the spike traps in the hallways, feels like random damage basically.

It's the multi-colored grunt parade! Had fun.

The gug is still waiting for something to happen in his life.

Haha didn't think this would turn out so well, you're becoming the master of gimmicks.

Free telefrags for everyone!

I broke it at one point, had to noclip, fun arena map.

2 Demos, by far my favorite map so far, navigating the structures is super fun, and gameplay was a blast, great work! I want to make am map like this.

Simple and fun, theme works nicely.

Felt like a standard map, very cool atmosphere, not surprised this one, great job! 
Good Job Everyone 
Nice variety in style and quality. Thanks to all participants. Fucking Quoth, though - if I ever see a Gug again...!

I more or less agree with the ranking, except I would have maybe put The Tutorial slightly higher and the Teleporter Complex defintely lower.
It seems each one of the judges put their main focus on a different aspect, e.g. gameplay or use of Quoth stuff. I think I would have liked a stronger focus, or at least more detailed reasoning on the ways the brush limit was handled in each entry.

Congrats to WW, a well-deserved win. Atmospheric map and good gameplay.
Spipper's is very good, too. Bit of a coagula-like construction, but a destinct style of its own and competently pulled off.
Digs doing typical digs stuff 100b edition!
I like Artisitical's Beyond and Within for it's weirdness and atmosphere. Like a fever-dream of R'hley and a descent into madness like ionous put it.
Pyro's Barbecue has a good layout, and The Forgotten Station isn't bad either in this sense (except too dark), though they could have featured more brush trickery for some better detailing.
ionousel's maps are good as usual, upper tier material. But not necessarily second place imho, more like fourth.
Redfield's level is a very unique experience and he put a lot of effort into it, kudos for that. Still, I wouldn't have included in the ranking due to all the MDLs. Likewise, Shamblernaut's map should have been out of competition, too, since brush cloning is cheating. And tbh, considering it IS using model hacks, it could have been better.
Honorable mention to Roman. I didn't even seriously attempt the map, because I'm so bad at platforming. But the map does have its place in the pack for sure. Looks like a tech demo of sorts. 
And GG ww. So frustrated to not have access to a pic right now! I'll be playing these soon enough. 
Yeah Auto Complete 
It seems that the start maps's skybox is missing from the pack. It's called Kradegar.

I searched on google and found it here: 
Another one of my fuckups. Whoops. Thankfully I used 'skyvoid', which oddly works within the map. 
Some Good Stuff Here... 
Though I'm using quakespasm 0.92. 2-qss-r7-admod with the suggested hooks added and can't play several maps. I'm getting 'Host-Error: Illegible Server Message 110, previous was svc_serverinfo'. Any ideas? 
You need Quakespasm v0.93 
Or Mark V v1.99 Revision 4 2018/05/23 build. 
...and cheers Redfield 
Demos For All 
It's amazing what some of you guys did with so little. What a fun event this has been! Congrats to the top chums. Here are some demos for you all- I'll admit I wasn't on my A-game when I first played the maps and recorded these demos, so some of you will have multiple demos.












I'm still working on beating your map... 
Going To Be Playing Through This

Starts in roughly an hour. 
Taking Credit.. 
That's awesome.. I'll have to try them all!

This is the 4th? I missed 2 and 3 :( Links pls.

Here to remind everyone that I was the person to organize the first ever 100 brush compo, and y'all should go play it! 
Stay a while hombre. Your maps on the strlen site look great. Did you see dm4jam? 
thanks for the demo! 
...all played on normal difficulty.
Wasnt able to beat Roman's or Dumptruck's map, but at least I recorded demos of my futile attempts.

Unwarranted Phlebotomy:
The Tutorial:
The Engineering Department:
Cerebral Edema:
The Forgotten Station:
Pyro's Barbecue:
Locus Genus:
Between Dimensions:
Beyond and Within:
The Teleportation Complex:
The Vale of Dream:
With Apologies to Insomniac:
The Di[g]stortion:
Ioian Shorelines:
Here is my playthrough of The Tutorial by Dumptruck =D
(it's not blind, in my first run took i died too much in the star's room and the video became too long so i recorded again) :P

I didn't play the other maps yet, but since i never played Quoth, i thought that would be smart to start by the tutorial XD

This map is awesome!! Why it only get 16th place? o_O

It reminds me so much "The Stanley Parable". I loved it! XD For those who don't know, stanley parable was a halflife mod (later it became a stand alone game), where a narrator gives instructions to the player, but the player refuses to obey and always make a mess =D

The only thing i have to complain is about the star's room... the narrator never said the room doesn't have gravity, so in my first playthrough i died A LOT in that place, because i didn't knew i could jump to take the goodies :P

Thanks for the awesome experience XD 
Thanks Tribal! I'm relieved at least a few people liked this one after the metric-fuck ton of work that went into it. I've never played the Stanley Parable - I guess I need to now.

I knew this level would be a polarizing experience.

But I had no idea the star room was going to be the big issue. It's come up a number of times so I kind screwed the balance up. For those still who want to play it - make sure and kill Bob and the Rocketeers first and keep jumping and moving! 
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