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Q1SP: DM4 Jam
DM4 jam is now available. A single player Quake map pack inspired by the original dm4 map "The Bad Place" by American McGee. 23 maps new maps! Some of these maps are from first time Quake mappers. A start map is included. Some of the maps support Coop and Deathmatch as well. Check the readme for more details.

You can download the pack from here.

Here is the jam “poster”.

draqu & promeus

Here’s the original func_msgboard thread for some history on the jam.
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Bal, Breezeep 
Thanks for the demos :) yeah that end ambush is a bit evil, sorry. I think Breezeep nailed the 'trick' second time round though. I should have made the exit barrier visible on hindsight so the player doesn't try and exit prematurely.

Both of you were painfully close to the first secret. Breezeep even wrote "could have put a secret here" whilst facing the opposite direction! 
Some More... 
A few more, half way done, great jam so far!

Cool layout, lots of fun encounters, and looks quite original, great work!

Solid map, wasn't a fan of some of the jumping traps, but had fun overall.

Cool map, liked how organic the layout felt, and played quite nicely.

Draqu & Promeus
Some really nice detailing, and many nice situations. was always pretty tough but felt right for Hard (whereas many other maps so far have felt a bit easy for Hard). 
Skill 3 | Unlock Nightmare Difficulty 
Two more playthroughs =D

Deimos Revisited by Shades:

Badly Placated by WW: 
Prog Error With OTP, Skaky And WW Maps? 
I'm currently unable to play these maps for some reason. They doesn't load while I placed the maps in the ID folder, where I prefer to place my standalone maps. Is there a mod required for these maps? 
Okay, It's Solved 
I'm always loading the AD mod by default, and it happens that OTP, Skaky and WW's maps are not compatible with it.

Guys, you should make your maps compatible with AD, which in my opinion is THE standard for Quake now. But what do I know!? 
Or maybe you could follow the guidelines set up in the readme?

AD disables a lot of the hacks people like to use in id1 maps. So, stop playing id1 maps in AD and you wont have a problem.


You probably broke a map hack in my map too but since its aesthetic and not related to progression, you didnt notice.

Play the maps in the environment they were designed in and youd have no issues. 
Barnak Ur A Testicle. 
Shambler, You Don't Have One. 
well you're not wrong Barnak.

He has two provided hes never had one removed. 
Well, can he count them? I'm not sure he can. 
Guys, you should make your maps compatible with AD, which in my opinion is THE standard for Quake now. But what do I know!?

Jesus fucking christ. Sorry, despite how many magazine articles (showing off all those lovely models ripped from Hexen 2) AD gets, it doesn't deserve to have a complete monopoly on Quake. 
Is the sequel Quake never had.

But it is still wrong to try to play releases in the wrong mod. 
I must say, copying conversational text from the discord server and posting it here off topic is a bit... pussy. Carry on though. 
The user base for AD is smaller. I wanted as many players as possible to enjoy this jam. 
Disregard #40 
The stupid is strong with me today it seems. 
Id1 Map Hacks Are Fucking Awesome 
And if you don't use them in favor of Arcane Lazymensions you are a weenie.

Seriously though, fun maps all around, working on demos currently now that I have some free time and now I'm gonna be on the look out for whatever tricky stuff the authors included. 
Two more blind playthroughs =D

Demon Fort by Queenjazz

This map is beautiful. My only complain here is the place of the gold key. There should be a more evident pedestal for it, because the key blended itself with the green wall behind it and i didn't even notice when i picked it up (go to 04:54 on my video and you'll know what i'm talking about) =D. So i continued the search for the key for several minutes until i notice it on my HUD =D

The Drop by Mariteaux.

In this one i had to edit out my several tries to find the two buttons on the lava pit. I died so many times because i coundn't saw anything with the red lava effect plus the red pentagram effect (this is a FTE-engine fault, i also can't see anything when i swim in slime with a biosuit in others maps) :P 
RE: Barnak 
yeah, was unable to play WW´s and OTP´s initially as I tried to load them using some mod (bastion, as it is my fav). can not wait for the DLC extention pack, this was definetly worth the wait 
It's great to know there's a simple way to make an id1 map crash other mods, maybe now all of you will fucking learn to NOT PLAY **ANY** VANILLA RELEASES IN MODS!! 
Bogus Angles 
Some of the maps have erroneous "angles" fields with commas on certain entities, e.g. "0,90,0". QS warns about possible problems in vanilla engines.

What causes this - is (or was) it a known bug in TB? 
Great jam, many good maps. Some of them with more modern Quake architecture, some of them with nice nostalgic 90's vibes. 
DM4 Map Jam Part 1 On The Quake Grave 
Here's Part 1 of the DM4 Map Jam Stream on The Quake Grave:

The maps played through are Ionous, Skakcy, both of Artistical's maps, Bloodshot and Mariteaux.

Nice job everyone so far! Looking forward to streaming more this week. 
Jam Marathon Incoming 
Starts in about thirty-five minutes. 
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