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Ericw-tools Quake Map Compiling Tools V0.16
This is the continuation of the previous
tyrutils-ericw thread now that the project is renamed.

Github issues - feel free to report bugs / upload screenshots / test maps
Github releases (downloads) page

v0.16 is not the most amazing release because I am still working on fixing lightmap seam issues. However it has 2 somewhat important fixes:

- Fix MarkV .lit rendering (do the color->greyscale conversion in a way that forces MarkV, FTEQW to render identically to Fitzquake, Quakespasm)
- better detection of when BSP29 format bsp exceeds the format limits. Previously it would silently produce corrupt bsp's if you exceeded 64k leafs/nodes without manually enabling -bsp2 mode.
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CLEric, Hope You Don't Mind @Mankrip 
Been just dabbling a bit with my own flava of a compiling utility when tonight I had this idea:

After you set all your options just click "mini mode", stays on top also, and then no alt-tabbing to the compiling UI!

Anyhoo's... beyond that I almost have the "simple compile" interface done. then it will be on to the advanced UI design part. It will also have the map conversion and bsp operations(extract textures etc) incorporated as well.

tootles ;) 
"Debug" Preview Of The "simple" Compile UI 
I say Debug because I have screen elements that will not be in final design, they are there just so I can see what's it going on.

Here it is:

I know "central" part looks identical to WC/Hammer/Jack etc, I just like that layout. Still not set in stone, if I "see" and easier to view arrangement I will ofc change it. 
This is windows-only gui tool or crossplatform? 
@Doomer, Most Likely. 
I loaded up my 'Nix distro, which is severely aged at this point, and it partially worked(Under Wine). Which is ofc not good enough. 
Wine Its Not Very Good. 
What was used to create this tool - MFC, .NET (WFp or WinForms), Delphi? 
An off-the-wall Basic IDE! Yes, laugh... hehe

I'm no programmer, and in reality this is just a glorified batch file/commandline tool. Mostly string declarations, manipulations and paths saving.

If there is an easy to use, freely downloadable cross platform IDE let me know. I would consider rewriting it.

All I need is access to File and Folder dialogs plus write to .INI files. 
LoL, nice. 
Working With Func_detail Stuff 
Is a bit of a pain. Would be real handy to just rely on standard func_groups/etc for organizing in editor and then just slap a detail flag on whatever as needed. Maybe handling it like q3map2 does is possible. Would feel more consistent and be less of a headache to work with for sure. 
Like...a Spanwflag? Interesting. 
But maybe I missed something. What is the point of func_group if you can just group a bunch of func_detail or standard brushes in the editor? 
Just Like In Q3 + Radiant, 
a simple "detail or not" flag for the compiler with filtering in editor. I don't know if anything more is needed for quake? To me func_detail_ seems unnecessary and it'd be much better just marking brushes as detail. You could have detail stuff and worldspawn linked together in func_groups then atleast.
I did notice too that func_detail_wall and func_wall don't behave the same in game; custom entity keys were removed from func_detail_wall I think. 
To me func_detail_ seems unnecessary and it'd be much better just marking brushes as detail.

That requires a new map format.

That's why func_detail exists. To allow you to flag detail using the existing quake map format. 
I can add support for the quake 3 .map format's detail flag (stored per-plane in the .map file). @Qmaster in GTKRadiant there is a shortcut key to turn the selection into detail, so it could be handy if that's your editor. 
I did notice too that func_detail_wall and func_wall don't behave the same in game; custom entity keys were removed from func_detail_wall I think

They are completely different beasts.

func_wall is a separate entity in game, potentially interactive.

func_detail_wall becomes "baked" into the world geometry on compiling, like func_detail. Unlike func_detail, it doesn't chop up world faces that it butts into. 
An alternate approach is to adopt just the UI aspect from q3radiant (the keyboard input) -- under the hood the editor could be using that flag/unflag operation to move the brush from world to func and back. Don't show it to the user as an entity, show it as world brushes with detail flag, but store it as a func. 
you'd also still need to support _phong and all the other keys that you'd want on detail too... 
Would be awesome to have q3 style detailing as option eric. Wanted to ask this ages ago.. Before pestering niger to add support -)
Will be easy enough to just use func_groups to add keys I assume. 
It just occurred to me — are BSP entities self-shadowed?

For BSP entities that doesn't cast shadows onto the world, it would make sense for them not to cast shadows over themselves either. This would also require them to support backfaced lighting, like the lit liquids does. 
They're not self-shadowed; you can opt to it with "_selfshadow" "1" though. Enabling world shadows with "_shadow" "1" implies self-shadowing too. (All of this should be consistent with tyrutils). 
Can I use these to compile q2 maps? 
No. But you can compile Hexen 2 maps.

Check out this page near the bottom for compiling tools. 
Not currently, but the next update will have experimental support for q2 in the light tool only (so it'll be possible to use this 'light' in conjunction with a quake 2 qbsp + vis), thanks to m-x-d's contribution! I've been slow to get to testing it but planning to soon. 
Nice. Can you implement an entity field to enable lighting from the back, like in the liquids?

This would be useful for opaque glasses such as the func_illusionary stained glass windows in some E4 maps (they're completely black from behind when you enter their secret area), and for new stuff like ice bridges, etc. 
I think it's actually textured with "black" on those levels, but what you want is _mirror_inside 1. Or was it _mirrorinside 1. To add backfaces inside the brush. 
No, adding backfaces is a different thing. I'm talking about letting the surfaces be lit from behind, just like EricW already did for the water. 
this would be a good addition. "_light_from_behind"? 
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