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NEW Q1 SP : Enter Sleepgate
Based on the sleepgate, rather than a slipgate, send your physical being into the world of dreams nightmares, a slight spin on the slipgate tech. Infiltrate the base and gain access to the sleepgate. Great medium sized snake map (paths cross all over each other.)

Requires QUOTH!

100 Monsters
6 Secrets


Final Vis passes complete, tweaked AO, sunlight, added some phong
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I've been busy mapping the last few evenings but last night I took a break and watched Arrrcee's playthru of your map. Balance issues aside, you did a great job and there are some fun things in this first map. Pretty impressive. Things will only get better if you have some beta testers play before you do a release. I've just given my current project to a few ppl on func and their input only makes my mapping better.

Congrats on the release. Oh and the spawning "boss" telefrags at the end of the map can be fixed. Not sure if you've done that or not but here's the info:


This entity is used for spawning multiple monsters from a single point. The entity will only spawn a monster if there is room, and will wait if there isn’t. Once it is activated, it will spawn the next monster after a delay, until it has created the amount of monsters specified.

from Preach's site. 
yea, it is like Half-Life1 meets Quake2, quite a unique look, with Doom2 gameplay. silver key looked like gold one under the colored lighting. fun to play 
cheers guys, yeah i love the build engine/2.5d fps style of games, always liked the details they had in those games over quake in 96, favorite games from the era are probably duke for the environments, hexen 2 for the destruction, and strife because i love pseudo fps/rpg games.

mmm and forgot to flag those droles with the awake flags, get around to that when iam done with this new map.

if you wanted to see where the secrets are I uploaded a playthrough vid, its in VR so its something different, good game for VR, great to unwind in a new map now and then.


some furniture from the new map. 
Those benches! Awesome. 
Looks Good 
but be very careful when you try to put realism and realistic sizes into Quake, as it doesn't work, from a gameplay side and from visual expectations side.

I recommend you to reduce the places the players or the enemies can get stuck as much as possible (for example put the chair as close to the table as possible, or block places where the enemies can lose time in or get stuck with more furniture, a column, ...), and to do furniture at least 50 percent bigger than real ones and the rooms 100-200 percent bigger. If you don't want to, a trick that could fool some is to reduce the scale of the textures by half to give the feeling that the room is bigger, but it won't last for long. 
Well, That Was Quite The Base Map! 
But I ran out of ammo towards the end. Had to use cheats.

Still a neat map, I agree with the above comment about how it's like Quake 2 meets Half Life. 
Another Review 
The most Half-Life map for Quake since The Pit many years ago. I really liked how throughout all of the first act (up until the silver key door) I knew exactly where I was in relation to the starting area, it was a really clever layout. Lots of nice detail in realistic style, but that will return later...

Played through on normal, and managed to just about scrape through the last two waves of monsters on about 30hp to exit the level. I started recording a demo half way, but sadly it's not in a format compatible with released Quoth. I often joke that I have about 10 times more practice with the Quoth monsters than anyone, and I was struggling here.

If I was to point the finger at anything, I'd blame the secrets! The only thing I found was the yellow armour, and that didn't even count as a secret. It was a bit of a slog playing almost all of the map with just the shotguns, even though the map did a good job of breaking up the humanoid base monsters with more varied enemies.

When I watched your secrets playthrough, I had real difficulty trying to distinguish all the details you shot at to reveal things from all the details I tried shooting to no avail. I guess that's a tough balancing act if you're going for a realistic environment full of detail - how do you make indicators for secrets which are distinguishable without being too obvious? Maybe the key is to make the presence of a secret obvious (so the item can be seen but not reached) and make the secret about finding the route in. 
So. I Did Play This Before.... 
....but inspired by Shamblernaut's 101/101 kills + 102/102 deaths skill 3 run, I tried it again...

Pretty tough. 2 out of the skills I got were luck. The secrets were crazy hard as every wall detail could be one. 
Hey Dude. 
I streamed this yesterday and thought I would offer some feedback.
(I played on nightmare)

What I liked:

Scripting and monster encounters were excellent.

The interconnectivity of the map is great. it isn't a huge map, but revisiting areas works well, and the areas don't become stale or boring. This is a good feat.

Interesting theme, I liked the tiny red buttons on the panels for doors.

Forklifts and trucks!... Very hard to do well in quake. Well done :)

What I didn't like:

The architecture was very blocky and "utilitarian" though. If this was by design, then ignore this point.

There was a lack of health at some portions of the map, particularly at the end fight (this could have been the fault of my gameplay though).

Please for the love of god, don't use button textures for normal geometry unless it is supposed to be usable or broken and once was usable. We have some simple conventions that shouldn't really be broken.

Textures scaled too small or too large. Please try and keep this to a minimum as too many texture scale differences look odd together.

Lastly, I aggro'd a voreling in a room at one point by standing on a slatted roof. I feel like that should never have happened. The roof was easy to get to, and the monster aggro'd straight away, ruining any ambush possibility, I felt this was a shame.

Anyway, if I'm nitpicking about stuff like this then there clearly isn't much to criticise, good job. 
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