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Ter Shibboleth - A New Quake Episode
Presenting a new Quake custom episode, Ter Shibboleth. You will traverse through new environments including a tropical hotel resort, a far east structure nestled on the edge of a cliff, and a western mining town. Each map is designed to be as non-linear as possible, so don't be afraid to explore and take different routes as you progress. While each map can be played with a shotgun start, the episode was designed to be played from start to finish. Saving periodically is encouraged, you will face hard encounters.

This episode MUST be played with the customized Quakespasm engine that was included in the release of ad_sepulcher (Quakespasm 0.92.2-qss-r7-admod). It has been included in this .zip as well for convienience. Any other engine has not been tested and probably will not work as intended. The next official Quakespasm release will be version 0.93.0, and will have the ability to run these maps without issue, so you have the option of using that instead once it is out.

While also stated in the readme, I will repeat it here because it is important.
sv_protocol 999 must be used at all times. Likewise, gl_farclip must be set to 100000 or higher. Quake's soundtrack is also recommended. All skill settings are available. You will more than likely encounter framerate drops when looking at far distant scenery. I only hope it will not hinder your experience when playing.

Map sources and texture wads used are included in the .zip for your convienience.

Demos are always appreciated, but not mandatory.

I give great special thanks to EricW for assisting me along the way with this episode, for if it were not for his expertise and development tools these maps simply would not exist.

Please enjoy the episode and be sure to share your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you!
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Jus' An FYI 
People are going to demand screenshots, or your head!

D'loading now...

And wow, outta nowhere, gg. 
Some Proper Screenshots

Seriously, these maps are fucking huge. It's unfathomable how the q1 engine can handle this. 
This Is Great 
Thinking outside the box is strong with this one! It's gonna be fun. 
Orl You Magnificent Bastard 
I was almost convinced this was a fake. 
Looking At Screenshots 
holy fucking shit

Buying A Bridge 
Holy damn these are some good screenshots to make someone mash the download link (even if the actual download is slowwwww, thanks Quaketastic). Is that 'gravity switching' I see in one of those preview videos (and screenshots) using teleports with sideways destination targets? Seem to remember one of the mapjam packs including a similar thing in one map, but only in a limited, proof-of-concept type fashion, really eager to see it in action! The Oriental temple looks great and that cowboy town is immediately making me think of Fortress Forever of all things. 
Stream Time 
Starts in 90 minutes. 
Those screen shots are unreal.

Have not seen themed genre-style maps in a single player in ages. 
Hey, this zip doesn't have any content that requires loading with a -game switch. Does that mean all the spinning-object shenanigans and various other things in the previews (about to start playing, so haven't seen it all in-game yet) are done using the various map hacks? 'cause that does funny things in my pants.

I tried opening one of the .map files in Trenchbroom to check and they're actually too big for TB to load. 
Guys, this is the biggest, craziest, mind bogglingly twisted wierd fun I've had in Quake all year. Download now!

Sock = big, elaborate, detailed, interconnected

Orl/Ken (same guy?) = gobsmackingly huge, suprise after surprise, insane fun

Best Quake year ever 
I'm still trying to process this all. Every new map sueprised me. Still need to finish the end... 
Definitely Looks Very Unique And Awesome 
"I'm Free!" 
Fun maps overall, I especially liked the constant usage of map hacks for rotating and animating props galore, most notably the flags in the Orient level, all the ceiling fans in the resort, the eye-in-the-sky and the clock in Scarabrus, and the drills in the walls at the start of Blastocyst which I thought was friggin' neat as hell. Never felt especially easy or too difficult playing through on Hard, didn't find all the secrets so I might've gotten an explosive weapon a bit late (had 100 rockets by the time I finally got the GL and oh how nice it felt). Did have trouble with finding the multiple-key doors a few times, and was slightly disappointed to find that most of the map size was empty and/or out-of-bounds and was only there for appearance.

Found a number of ways to either get stuck or finish maps early, so spoilers ahead. Namely: first map, if you jump into the beach bar where the Enforcers are you can easily get completely stuck and have to noclip out. In Sun, you can jump off the bridge onto the roof lip, run along to the edge, and if you're good with air strafing, steer yourself around the pillars, then jump to the spiral tower, climb it and finish the level, hastily scribbled over the tally screen here. Scarabrus allows tricky players to grenade jump over the triple-keyed gate (found the silver and gold keys, couldn't figure out how to make the third cage lift up. probably missed something super obvious.), and you can bypass the entirety of Tattered by jumping onto a few roofs at the level start, then looping around behind the spawn point and jumping the fence at the end. I made a demo of it here (the demo file is upwards of 12mb for some reason- due to map size?). 
It's unfathomable how the q1 engine can handle this.

Well, it can't, which is why you have to use an engine fork that was released in 2017 lol. 
@ Onetruepurple 
when i launch, it looks like your #2 post screenshot.

i typed the relevant commands into the console upon launching.

can anyone help, i clearly seem to be missing something. 
sv_protocol 999 must be used at all times. Likewise, gl_farclip must be set to 100000 or higher. Quake's soundtrack is also recommended.

Also, make sure you have the latest quakespasm 
I typed them in and it worked just fine. 
No vis blocking? 3,4,5 are almost unplayable. 
Is this gonna be the theme for the next jam. 
Very Long Post Ahead 
I'd like to start off by saying viewing Ionous' stream last night was the most enjoyable thing I've watched in a very long time. And not only that, but listening to the reactions of others as they witnessed the maps for the first time. I was not at all expecting the response of "What in the hell, I've never seen anything like this!" and "I want what Orl is smoking". It put the biggest smile on my face.

These maps in particular, are very special to me. Why is that you may ask. When I was younger i would brainstorm all kinds of themes and gimmicks that might or might not work in Quake. I would get lots of ideas, but these five maps were ideas I had for a very long time. Even as far back as oms2's release, I had invisioned a Quake map set on a tropical island with an enormous golden gate bridge in the distance, a western town filled with foilage and old houses, and a far east pagoda fortress sitting on the edge of a cliff, overlooking a vast valley. Sadly, Quake's tools were not yet ready to create something like this, so for years these ideas just stayed ideas, but I never forgot them.

Once I felt Quake had matured enough, both through engine and tool capability, I had set my goals into action, and from the very beginning to the very end, I knew exactly what I wanted to build, and how it would look. Thats one of the reasons why it didn't take long, five maps in 18 months. Each map built exactly to my liking, and the end result was even better than I had anticipated. But I certainly didn't do this by myself.

EricW was the main reason these maps were able to exist. Starting from the very first map, requesting that he expand tyrqbsp's capabilities to larger map sizes, through trials and tribulations, all the way to the end, where he entirely re-wrote the leak code just so the map would compile. EricW was at my side through the whole process, and I thank him greatly for help making these ideas of mine a reality.

I took a drastic approach with each of these maps, setting aside my usual mapping habits for something different. I knew many had complained in my past works that it was too cramped, and not enough manueverability. I made sure the player got lots of room to move around in each map. Likewise, I ignored my instinct to make each map ridiculously detailed, and just settled on decent detail, never going overboard. It was the right decision.

Of course we can't neglect Xaero and the Jack editor, which is an incredible piece of software.

Ken Chennar is not my real name.

While I love each map, if you were to ask me which one is my favorite, it would be the third map, Sun. The asian theme. I imagine the knights are highly trained samurais, the scrags are ancient Japanese ghosts come back to life. Unfortunately, as shown from Ionous' stream there is a game breaking bug for those with less powerful systems below 30 frames per second. It prevents you from proceeding through properly without having to noclip your way. I will have a fixed version hopefully soon.

So, the episode is released, what comes next? My hope is to see more of these themes, and possibly even new ones from you. BSP2 really opens up an entire world of possibilities, and with the soon arriving Quakespasm 0.93.0 that removes the leafs cap altogether, the sky is the limit.

As for me, I can't promise any more maps from myself in the future. I am at a really hard time in my life, and I have a lot of personal battles to overcome. I can't give you an answer, or even an estimate on when, or if I make another map. I'm sorry to have to say this, but I have to get my life together first before I can spend time at the editor again.

But to everyone who has played, or are planning on playing soon, thank you for doing so. I feel as if I achieved a life goal seeing these maps now at last complete. 
Congratulations ORL 
on releasing what seems to be something of an instant classic, and moreover, achieving a realization of your early game design dreams! I'm glad you're edified by creating this, and by the reactions -- and here's hoping this thread doesn't devolve into bullshit! 
If you can do this pack you can do anything. I wish you luck in RL. You can do it man. Onward! 
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