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Q1SP: Egyptian Thing
A medium-sized Egyptian pyramid level with mostly casual gameplay and dark shadows.

Orginally started for Retro Jam 6, but as usual I didn't finish within the deadline so it's released slightly later. Kind of screwed up and hit several limits which caused further delays and explains a lack of features or details in certain places. Eventually I grew sick of it, admitted defeat, and just released it, so now there are some ugly workarounds to make it work on old ports (check the Readme for instructions).

Best to just use a port with increased limits like Quakespasm, though. Darkplaces is NOT recommended due to massive lighting glitches!

Not much "retro", after all, but whatever.

Id only, does not work with -quoth -hipnotic -yourmum or whatever.

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Glad to see this released. I'll probably stream it later tonight. Time shall tell. 
Hey, OneTrueThing... 
Update your maps count file !

At what number are we now, for 2017 ? 
Barnak I Literally Updated It 20 Minutes Before You Posted 
Heh ! 
I'm unable to run that map. I followed the instructions in the readme, but no luck. I also tried several other ways. Can't play the map.

Why the non-standard distribution ? 
Ok Now, But... 
it isn't compatible with the commands "-hipnotic -game ad1.6" at start. 
#5: Do You Make This Hard On Purpose! 
It's retrojam6, why are you trying to use -hipnotic and/or AD?

All that is needed is -game retrojam6 
-hipnotic -game Ad1.6 
I use these for most of my maps, to get all AD effects, and also so I don't have to change my command lines all the times for every new map.

My default starting commands line is this :

-hipnotic -game ad1.6 +skill 3 -heapsize 480000 -zone 4096 -sndspeed 44100 -fsaa 2 
A Blast From The Past! 
Complete playthrough skill 2, first attempt, with commentary.

So, Egyptgington, I'm going to go ahead and award this map 5 stars for the absurd and simple name alone. But the map really is excellent, the combat is very paced old-school style and very challenging. This retro map also features totally new effects and other surprises... I must admit I got extremely lost and you will see in the demo, but the Egyptian tomb/maze theme is well done. I feel those blasted buttons could have stood out more...

So, stop standing around looking confused and go play this map! Also, Barnak you should not arbitrarily be putting command lines in like that. All maps come with a readme that tells you how it MUST be launched. 
A Simple "yes" Would Have Sufficed. 
The Interior Is Great 
... but I don't like the exterior part. The exterior is too simple and "retro" for my taste and for the quality of the internal part.

It's making a great contrast, though.

The exterior would be better with lots of random rocks and ruins, a huge mess of bricks/rocks/debris, like in real Egypt. 
I thought the map name was temporary... :D 
Playthrough Skill 1

I would very much like to see an editor shot of the layout if possible, cool layout. Had a bunch of fun with this map! 
ID1, Standard Quake, As Should Be Expected 
I thought I already had made the buttons stand out more after some of the testers commented on it. Still not enough apparently. Let me guess, you missed the SK button? Those shells there are just too damn attractive...

The name was a indeed a temporary working title, but then I forgot about it and eventually just kept it. A tribute to jam organizer! (although lacking beard on pharao face and signature butt crack rock) 
Fuck Yeah 
Will install quake on work computer for new negke. Ready for a weirdly painfully satisfying not quite right kind of digressively inspired by first wave custom maps Quake experience! 
Fuck Yeah 
Will install quake on work computer for new negke. Ready for a weirdly painfully satisfying not quite right kind of digressively inspired by first wave custom maps Quake experience! 
Just Want To Reiterate 
Very excited/ drunk 
outside the pyramid: too lo-poly
inside the pyramid: good xploration 
Playthrough Shortly

Probably fifteen minutes. 
According To OneTruePurple... 
This is the 74th map of 2017. Is it the best year yet ? 
It's A Fucking Great Year For Quake. 
Old + new, heavily modded + vanilla, uber-complex + id-level. 
Great Map 
hi negke, congrats on the release. you grew sick of i, but i enjoyed it a great deal. i tested the map with darkplaces and then with quakespasm and everything seems OK to me. no glitches.. no problems. so darkplaces is viable option here. or maybe i just got lucky and used correct version of darkplaces.

regarding the low-polyness of the outside area...'s a pyramid in the flat desert which by definition means pretty low-poly scenery :-)

i played the map with browncloud skybox. it fits perfectly. link -

Good Shit Negke. 
I recorded a few skill 2 demos in the wee hours of earlier today, so some questionable gameplay may follow. Nearly got my ass handed to me by the monsters but then the map itself did it instead.

This map seamlessly merges:

1) the dark and tight feel of the inside of a pyramid, with

2) an inherent "negke-ness" - the architecture being inexplicably mechanical despite its nature, the sense of purpose given to the majority of places, and a clear (and creatively pulled off) goal to accomplish

And it makes for a very well designed map overall. 
No Playthrough Right Now

But probably at some later point! 
Cool Map 
Nice layout, good encounters, cool hacks. I got lost a little, managed to miss the button that brings down the SK (found a few secrets while I was looking for it), had to watch zwiffle's youtube playthrough to find it.


Good job! 
I Played This At Work Today 
but didn't get to finish it. It's fucking fun, spooky and beautiful. I will finish this for sure. Excellent map Negke. Interesting sky texture.. Curious about that. <flipping to readme...> 
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