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New Q1SP: Wenl Mine (megad2lvl3)
Tested in Quakespasm, please use that. Fitzquake should play mostly fine, but may have some items falling through plats in one place? (Not gonna mess with that any longer.)

Please record demos and send them to me or post them here. I wanna see you play!

- my first map for Quake
- 266 monsters
- 30-45min
- ~25 secrets
- Medieval/Rune
- this is a remake of Descent 2 level 3
- In D2 you destroy the reactor and then have 30secs to find the exit. In Q I don't see a good way of signaling this, so no timelimit. If you've got any ideas... Anyways, if you see the exit, take a note where it is. You might need to return there.

- easy should allow for some exploration-style play
- normal is hard but not evil
- hard /is/ evil and very hard, but the way it's supposed to play.

Advice for skill 2
- generally, Descent requires you to take deliberate decisions more
- resource management is something you should think about (some more) in this map
- choose weapons wisely, a shambler might lurk behind the next corner
- use gl/rockets
- use nails for enemies that need nails
- be careful with when you use sg vs ssg
- don't pick up stuff you don't need yet
- plan where you are going and what it will do to your ammo
- if you're low on anything, you can always hunt for secrets, which
there are plenty of
- secrets can be behind walls that you either need to shoot or just walk through (this is a hommage to Descent also)
- some secrets require more backtracking than you are used to in Quake
- never flee to front, will just aggro more enemies
- if you're low on health, don't put yourself in too defensive situations that are a disadvantage

Thanks so much to onetruepurple, Daz, mfx, distrans, khreathor and Vigil for testing and advice! Also, so much help in #terrafusion. Would be a much worse map without you guys.


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Congrats For Your First Quake Release! 
Very solid map!
This time I survived the elevator :D
But I fucked up in few other places, hah!

Here is my demo: Demo - skill 2

I'll put it on YT later this week.

vvv Potential spoilers starts from here! vvv

I found ~17 secrets this time, but I'm not a fan of "Duke Nukem" styled, "illusionary wall" secrets.
After final elevator, when you have to go to the exit, it's not obvious where exit portal is. I figured it out by accident :D But maybe it's just me and I missed some obvious guides. 
Congrats From Me Too! 
will do a demo later, it is quite a challenge, this map of yours. 
Fitzquake Problems 
I've seen some weird stuff with Fitzquake in the demos. Triggers not triggering, items dropping through plats. Quakespasm recommended! 
Really Great Map ! 
This is a solid map ! Nice architecture, nice mechanics, great style !

Found one third of all secrets yet.

The only glitch I saw (using QS, of course), is near the end, with the various buttons and elevators : I got a buch of monsters teleporting at the same place at the same time, and this almost halted the game until they all died by themselves. This was weird.

Sorry, no demos from me, because you really don't want to see me playing ! I cheat alot in Quake, because this is the way I play this game. LOL !

This is your first map !? Geez, you have a future here! Hehee! 
I Just Remembered... 
An early CZG map has the count down functionality you are looking for Sky Palace 01. 1min 30sec count down to destruction. Can be modified to work for 30 seconds. 
The functionality is here, but I think megaman wanted a better way to communicate it than a centerprint.

Could still be done within ID1, maybe with having some sound emulate an alarm, but I liked not having a timelimit at the end.

Very cool map by the way, I'm happy to have tested it. I'll try to provide a new demo over the weekend. 
loved the looks, got killed in the end tho. perfect, maybe torches too far away from the walls, but who cares.
demo recorded using quoth!mDsQZx6xtmOP/aaaaa-dem 
Spoilers Follow 
final room? monumental. "NIN-31GhostsIV"style monumental/"Mick Gordon-BFG Division"style frantic. epic. 
those comments make me happy! 
Good Map 
Thoroughly enjoyed it. It's been a while since I last played Descent II but the mine feel is definitely there, and so are the vertical exploration elements. Solid gameplay too, the encounters were tough but never unfair. 
Well Well.

This was great fun. I wasn't really sure what to expect as a remake of a Descent map. There is a slightly strange feel to the designs and angles, they're not always harmonious and don't always have a Quakey feel - although sometimes they very much do, some of the ruined walls and the blood ceiling room are great. OTOH the overall vibe and style is nice, the lighting and fog are really good as was the build quality, gave it a very solid and suitable atmosphere.

Gameplay was a blast. Lots of stuff to like. The balance felt spot on skill 2. Lots of good ambushes, lots of beefy combats, but plenty of room to move, plenty of options to work out combats in the player's own style, and good surprises. The area after the blood room lift had me LOLing at how well it worked out. More of a "romp" style by modern standards than a "gruelling" challenge, and it worked very well. Also the non-linearity and secrets were great.

Nice one. Liked it a lot. 
Nice Map 
Great visual style 
Cool map, I enjoyed it. Never played Decent, so no idea about the remake factor, but it certainly worked fine in Quake the way it is. Explorationish gameplay and some meaty combat. I played the way you suggested and it was good fun, though maybe the tips took away some of surprise/figuring out the general vibe oneself. Nice secrets, something in it for everyone. Kind of missed the nailgun for a while, but found it eventually.

The map has a certain crude quality in terms of visuals and geometry which feels well oldschool and much appreciated. However, it would have benefitted considerably from proper clipping as there are many bits on the walls and floors that impede movement beyond the usual "mind your surroundings" requirements in Quake.
Obligatory shame on you for not testing/ensuring wider compatibility if there are indeed problems even with Fitzquake, let alone other ports.

GG Demo 
all the comments make me happy!

clipping, crudeness, compat: my time-budget is very limited, and I basically was skipping all the boring parts that take a lot of time... Also, e.g. in the CPMA scene, people hate clip brushes. 
Good Fun 
While I have not played Descent, judging from the screenshots it looks to be a faithful recreation. The map itself was visually pleasing, with very few to no bland looking areas. I must have missed a nailgun early on, so for awhile it was just the double barrel and grenade launcher, which I can live with.

Gameplay kept me on my toes, as I had quite a few close calls, especially that huge rock dropping in my face! What I enjoyed the most was its non-linear progression, if one section seemed to intense there was usually another path you could take, and that's always a good thing. I only managed to find a few secrets and miss a few monsters.

Overall its hard to find any criticism, as its very Quakey, and the non-linear progression just makes it that much better. It's worth another playthrough just to try a different route altogether and see how much easier or harder the map can be. Really great job Megaman, I enjoyed this one a lot :)

First run demo, hard skill: 
Very good. Enjoyed the map a lot.
I liked the size of areas, always enough room to move during fights. Great fight setup, I liked the combat in this map very much. You have put a lot of effort and thought into this I guess.
There was always a lot of health packs laying around on skill 2.
The level looked very nice, good scale and well done architecture.

Some minor points.
Too many scrags for my taste.
I was looking for the NG, was worried I missed it somewhere. But it was intended I guess.
In the big final battle I didn't have any armor and had lot's of problems to finish the level. It was irritating for me because the map earlier was perfectly balanced. I didn't know if I have made a mistake earlier but couldn't get back.
Wasn't clear where the exit was too.

Anyways well done! Here are my demos:

There should be more comments here for this map because it is great. 
I Agree With The Last Line Of That Post! 
Will Stream This In About 45 Minutes 
Now On Quaddicted 
And Indeed I Did 
And thanks! 
The bridge in the last room was supposed to extend, but hit a scrag in mid-air and went back :-(

Really nice play-through! 
Cool Map! 
Sorry it took so long but I finally got a playthrough of this one up.

Really fun map, I can't speak to the Descent 2 aspect of it but I thought this had a lot of great encounters and combat scenarios. It feels like an old school Quake map but with a few of todays conventions... that is the updates feel organic and like they would've been in a further episode in the first game. Nice Work! 
Very nice map! Although I haven't played Descent 2, I have played some similar games and I could sense the influence of that type of level design on this. I think you captured a unique atmosphere with this map.

I was surprised to find that the Ogres' grenade spam proved unusually effective in several areas. I managed to miss the area of the map that contains the nailgun and I only went back to explore it after finishing the main mission and identifying the exit portal. Also, I got squashed by the rock and laughed. :D

Here are my demos from my first play-through. I played on Normal skill level and I think I found 20 of the secrets.

The demos are numbered 01, 02, 02b, and 02c. I died relatively early on in my first play (01) and started again (02). After getting squashed by the rock, I reloaded a recent save (02b) and then, after falling to my death while messing around in the alcoves of the final room, I reloaded again (02c).

Oh, and this is my first post on func_msgboard, so... howdy all! 
Nice Map 
I really enjoyed this, felt like a badlands Ep 3 map with a bunch of caves interspersed with the metal parts. Design work was solid all through, and it converted surprisingly well from a descent map. The part in the final arena where the dais stops at two different has me intrigued - it must have taken a map hack of some kind to do in vanilla but which one?

Played through on normal, and forgot to record a demo. Got through in a single attempt, and I think it helped that out of the 9 secrets I found, lots of them were armours or Quads. The quad runs were really well placed, they were each in a place where it was possible to hunt down enough monsters to justify them, but you had to be bold and take risks which helped to balance them - the gold key area was a prime example.

I think you made the right call on the 30 second exit timer. One reason it works in Descent is that the player learns the pattern on early maps, and plans ahead for the run to the exit before destroying the reactor. There isn't scope in a single map to teach that pattern in a fair way and make it an interesting challenge at the same time. 
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