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SM178 - Base Theme.
Speedmap 178 session under the name "24h Jam" is released. We have for you 3 small retro style maps with fun action by mappers: Mukor, Naitelveni and Newhouse.

The theme was base and the mappers had 24h hours.



Go kill some Enforcers!
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Congrats. We jammin' in 2017 here on func. Think about the amount of content that is being made for this 20 year old game just from this community. Wild. 
Please Announce Such Events At Least A Day Before In Starts 
I warned in terrafusion that i will announce a map jam the day after explore2 ends! XD 
Yes, But Not Here 
I'm not 24/7 on terrafusion, neither are some of the users here. 
Congrats guys, curious to see what one day of work holds! 
Man, the new releases are piling up since a few weeks, I can't keep up! I still need to finish RJ6... Not that I'm complaining, of course, it's pretty awesome to see so much new life breathed into a 20-year-old game that many think is dead. 
Sleep deprivation caused me to misspell my map title. :'(

"Emenius Sleepus" is the 'proper' spelling of my map title. Ripped from the song of the same name by Green Day. 
Terrible lighting, terrible textures, broken maps, terrible gameplay.....and thus perfectly suitable and great as speedmaps :D

Good jobs y'all, these were all really cool speedmaps- and is traditional, show a lot of promise for future mapping.

Newhouse had a cool style and atmosphere, I like the Zer interpretation of Base. Too short tho.

Naite was basically a proper full map that had been textured and lit by eating IKBase and then shitting out like diarrhoea, but aside from that was a cool and well-rounded experience.

Mukor's was the obligatory "really this is just as nice as a full map but quite a bit smaller". Cool crisp style with very subtle lighting and fog. Just needed a bit more beef in the end arena. 
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