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Map Jam 8 - Release - Film Noir
After weeks of mapping, and a few delays, Quake Map Jam 8 has finally been released! This time around there were four submissions,

- Ionous with his map "Buried by Time and Dust"
- Newhouse with "Black Future"
- Pritchard with "One Ranger Two Boomsticks"
- Shamblernaut (myself) with "The Hackopolis" and the start map.



To install, just extract the zip file to your quake directory (remembering to preserve directories). Run using your favourite (limit extending) engine with the commandline options -game jam8 +map jam8_start. Happy fragging!
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Tsk tsk tsk.

Also, your AD version is obsolete. 

Oh, and apologies for my map, but my creative drive died on the map two weeks ago. Even making something vaguely playable was difficult. 
Not sure I get the point of Hackopolis. The last map of Requiem got some flak for being a blatant retelling of an id1 map, but it looks like Gloomier Keep in comparison to this one.

Considering the theme of the jam, I was constantly waiting for some kind of a twist that would justify the map's inclusion, but then it simply ended (in exactly the same way the original map ended), and that was it. 
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