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Quake 20 Years Old Today
It was twenty years ago today, that Quake shook the world to its foundations. Time for a little retrospect which you can read here. The best part, it ends with a big shout out to this wonderful community and the Arcane Dimensions mod in particular. Enjoy!
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Quake is as old today as Breakout was when Quake was released. 
What freaks me out is that Quake was released on my sister's 20th birthday 
Happy 40th Birthday 
Kinn's sister!

Could use some confetti here, but who cares? Happy Birthday, classic Quake. 
Happy 20th You Glorious Bastard I Only Got To Know In 2011 
Happy Birthday! ! ! 
I found you first sleeping in my ID Anthology. Played you once on a dark and stormy night. You stole my dreams forever since then. Cheers! 
Happy Birthday Ranger! 
Thanks for being released for the N64 or else I may have had never played you! 
Hmmmm, That's Interesting... MS doing the auto-complete? And, when I say interesting I mean #$@%&ing @$$^&img. Regardless, Quake rules! 
Machinegames Episode 
new episode by machinegames in tribute, 5.2M 
I Remember 
I remember lurking in the Usenet group alt.quake before the release. People used to discuss every update in Carmack's .plan file extensively and I remember in particular one phrase.

"Accumulate damages so quad shotgun can gib."

This is from memory, so it might not be exact. It did fuel some speculation about what the heck a quad shotgun is. We only found out about that later.

Thanks, Carmack and the Id team for making the quad shotgun able to gib. It's one the things that make Quake what it is. Not the most important, but not the least either.

(After a few years of moderate Quake enthusiasm I put it aside for a long time until a Quake map video review by Daz I happened to watch on Youtube got me interested again.) 
Celebate By Playing New Version Of Quake 1 
I Like Teh Quaek. 
I Paid $60Cdn Of The CD 
(BTW, the icon is cake, not cheese)

It wasn't out for long before I dropped a heavy load of $20s plus the tax for a jewel case and a fat little manual printed in colour (still have both in pristine condition.) I almost never pay full price for games or buy them shortly after release (Duke Nukem 3D was another exception). I've never gotten such entertainment value per dollar ever since and I bought just about every other commercial expansion (MP 1&2, Malice, Shrak, QZone but not XMen) and played hundreds of user SP mods and released a few levels myself.

It is the best game ever in my opinion. I was stoked on first seeing the tech demo in it's crappy resolution with software rendering and I've loved how it gives you so much yet expects you to finish filling it in with your own imagination. I can't think of any other game except perhaps Unreal that brought me so much enjoyment that even on my deathbed I'll say, Quake was great. 
Great Engine But.. 
I remember Quake1 primarily for the groundbreaking engine/technology, the game itself(single player) was a mixed bag imho.

Always liked more Unreal, Quake2,.. 
Quake 2 had a more consistent theme, more cohesive as a whole. I think many believe this to be a downfall of the game though, quite boring as a result. Unreal had some incredible vistas for it's time and interesting story-telling devices but the enemy design was lacklustre. 
Quake 2 had a more consistent theme, more cohesive as a whole. I think many believe this to be a downfall of the game though, quite boring as a result. Unreal had some incredible vistas for it's time and interesting story-telling devices but the enemy design was lacklustre. 
I bought the Unreal pack on this Steam summer sale, and started playing the first Unreal for the first time. It's a fun little game, but so far I'm not impressed. It feels like a Turok with better physics.

They employed a number of tricks in the renderer, like skipping dynamic lighting on huge walls, to make big areas faster to render. This allows for more varied areas, at some loss of visual cohesion.

And it's interesting to realize that Unreal had a "storytelling through PDAs" mechanic long before Doom 3. 
I always suspect that people who found Quake 2 to have a boring or samey theme can't have gotten very far through the game. 
Unreal is great, I still play it every now and then, although the level design can be frustratingly obtuse in that way that no one has the patience for any more. I haven't played quake 2 since the 90s and doubt I ever will again. I just found it dreary.

Note: they ruined the atmosphere in Unreal with an update that changed all the weapon sounds to loud, ugly versions that ruin the soundscape. You can find a mod that restores the sounds to the original versions. 
If I remember right...if you're using patch 227, then the old weapon sounds are available in the mutators menu. 
Sounds like you're playing Unreal through UT? 
Nope, Just Patch 227i 
patch 227i is an "unofficial" patch for Unreal Gold. I think it's essential if you want to run the game with any sort of vaguely modern hardware. The old sounds are just a nice bonus. 
in just 658 days, Quake's more colourful (gayer?) cousin, Unreal, will be 20 years old too... 
I should still have the original Unreal stored away somewhere. As far as I can remember, I only played it once and didn't like it all that much. I may have to dig it out and give it another try.

I know a lot of people didn't like Unreal 2, but I played it through several times and didn't think it was all that bad. 
Unreal 2 
I never played Unreal 2, because it got some pretty bad reviews, and also it was made by the guys who did the Return to Na Pali expansion for Unreal 1, which I thought was pretty poor. 
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