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Quake 5 = Quake Champions
Credit to the people who posted about this, it definitely deserves it's own thread......

Quake Champions trailer:

The game will feature a "diverse character of warriors" with unique attributes and skills.

Well, fuck. We Overwatch now, boys.
Also will be outsourced to Saber Interactive.

I know, it's impossible appeal at same time for Q1 fans, strogg fans (Q2/Q4) and mp players (Q3/QLive) but this is just something completely out of this world.

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Pretty Telling 
that they decided to take the most universally-hated aspect of Doom4 multiplayer and double-down on it for Quake5. 
My Idea Of A Proper Quake1 Sequel 
Looks balls; but to be honest, when I think about what a sequel to Quake 1 should look like, I can't imagine anything better than what the community is churning out now anyway. Go community!

[ forum won't let me reset my account password because it doesn't believe my email address on file for my username is valid. Lies. ] 
...they decided to take the most universally-hated aspect of Doom4 multiplayer and double-down on it for Quake5.

This bit seems like classic Willits too. It's almost like he's still trying to pretend that his failed design choices from years ago were actually valid.

This is, after all, the guy who said: "I think that� we live in, it may be good or it may be bad, but we live in a Call of Duty era. That�s just the way it is. And that franchise has more impact on the industry than I think people realise. You just have to kind of go with the flow.
Well, He's Not Wrong 
It just sucks. That mentality doesn't seem very "id" though. 
Sounds unambitious.

Maybe he should relocate to some other company, one that can afford the lack of vision he promotes. 
Upon looking closer, the video takes place in q3dm6, Campgrounds. So, that gives me a glimmer of hope.

Still don't trust it, because, well, id's recent track record, and Saber. But hey, Campgrounds. Decent map. 
I thought the q3dm6 location was pretty obvious? 
Only obvious to those with unrivaled intelligence and an epeen of considerable girth. 
How Euphoric 
Obvious if you don't use spatial logic. The character movements suggest different spaces, because they imply locations adjacent to distant ones with the characters. It is apparent if you ignore the characters and just treat it as a series of shots, instead of a flow. 
Sick Burn M8. 
I don't need spatial logic to recognise one of the most recognisable areas from one of Q3A's most iconic maps. 
sshhh children....

Now looks like ID took over Doom4 MP responsibilities...they gonna work to try and fix it AND let something like this quakewatch aberration take place ?

They've obv lost the plot 
Indeed you don't, but if you use it the editing counters the impression, because it shows characters landing from lower spots on to higher spots (that have no path above them in the design). 
Which Areas Are You Referring To? 
Sorry gents but this looks like a total pile of garbage. I prefer my old school games and not playing a movie for a game. They can stick it where the sun don't shine. 
When the girl nods at Ranger, turns left, and in the next shot drops down onto the bridge over the RA area. She was plainly moving to grab the attention of the charging guy, didn't immediately recognize him, and she did, but he was standing with Visor, then suddenly he is standing by himself, and charges across the bridge to her. There is no position above the bridge in Campgrounds for her to have dropped down from. Not recognizing the layout from the sequence they depicted, I assumed, because of the nature of the trailer, it was just sets to demo the characters, since it is looking to be a hero shooter.

At the beginning, when they showed the pillars, I actually briefly thought it was Furious Heights, but as other things didn't line up, I stopped looking for what map it could be and just looked at what they were showcasing with the characters.

I watched it again when a friend with insider info prodded me to do so, noting that it isn't random geometry, but an existing map. Once I started clicking around instead of looking at it in a sequence, I stopped trying to rectify the drop-down action with the bridge. 
There Was A Map In The Trailer?? 
I must have missed that. All I saw were bollox characters and weapons and nothing that signified anything of, errr, significance. 
No Females In Quake Allowed 
Except for the shalrath and iron maiden because boobs. 
And Mynx, Angel, Lucy, Daemia, Hunter, and Slash. But no others! 
And Crash as well. Definitely no others allowed! 
Crash should have had her own game after Q3A. 
Why Has Nobody Noticed 
that Ranger can now hadoken. Ryu is Ranger confirmed? 
Oh Wait 
was that a personal teleporter? because it sure looked like a hadoken. 
Hunter Is The Best Character 
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