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Shambler HD Remake Released!
Its time to upgrade the old shambler with a new model that it always deserved! I always felt that for such a fearsome an imposing beast the vanilla version was a little lacking. So with no further delay I give you the new and improved Shambler HD remake!

It comes with a brand new mesh and animations, plus an additional head gib replacement for consistency.

I hope you like it and take it for a spin! If you take any snazzy screenshots of him in action please post it in this thread.


Download Link!!!!
Compare Video!!!!!
Combat Video!!!!!!
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Fantastic work Skiffy!

Absolutely brooding beast of scary white fur proportions!

I'll try to remember to take a screen the next time I encounter this monstrosity! 
Looks Great 
So Preach regarding the animation group... will it just play regardless of where I put it in the MDL for the Vore idle addition?

A framegroup counts as a single frame from the point of view of the QC. So you need to replace the frame used in the stand "sequence" for the vore with a framegroup. That frame is ... $stand1??????

OK, but you'd have to worry about that a bit anyway. The first frame of the vore's walk animation has to double as the idle pose, so for starters you need to make sure it's balanced and planted on the ground at that moment. The trick is then to animate an idle there where any of the frames within are reasonable to sit between $walk12 and $walk2. I guess you'll need to keep the idle simple, but it should be fine to add some motion. 
That frame is ... $walk1??????

Obviously if there was a "stand1 then all the question marks would be gratuitous. 
Shambler Vid 
I created a vid of my own map that shows off the shambler. There's 4 shambler fights in this map... 
Shalrath With Idle Animation 
Holy Shit That Shambler Looks So Good 
that now all the stock monsters look out of place ;-) 
Weapons And Items Remakes When? 
IMO, The Ogre Should Be Top Priority Now 
And after meeting this shambler, the vanilla fiend looks outdated. 
The walk cycle on that model is really bad. The idle animation works nicely though, shame. 
This New Shambler Model's 
looking awesome

but his idle(breathing) animation is sorta jello-ish
similar to kingpin's model animation
or is it just me?

anyway it's a HUGE upgrade over the regular shambler 
Blame MDL Sadly. 
Cant be helped. THAT is MDL format limitations. I'm going to try out an MD3 version in darkplaces later. But this is why I would love MD3 support for Fritz and Quakespasm too!.... 
Yeah the polygon density has gone up a lot, which makes the jello effect a lot more pronounced unfortunately, as there are just a lot more verts to be wibblin' and a wobblin' all in different directions :(

md3 would be nice. 
i'm not supposed to sound such harsh, sorry
i love your shambler model, thank you! 
I didn't notice any significant wobbling, not more than in the regular models. 
No Worries! 
No worries Spy.
Mankrip indeed it just wobbles as much as the default. About the only fix would be to do a much less subtle idle :P 
The Vore Of Skiffy 
Please, no boobs !

I suggest two small red spikes as puffy tits, and a bloody slut mouth with teeth in place of a vulva, between the front legs ("her" periods are ON).

That way, the Vore would be a very horrible and terrfying Quake monster !

I would like to see a sex scene between that new Vore and the new Shambler. 
Holy Shit 
well that didn't take long...

anyway, if the vore is gonna have tits, clearly it should have 3. 
It Wont Have Any...

The torso section minus the exposed guts is what I am aiming for. 
That Would Make A Nice Zombie. 
Yes That Is Good Zombie Ref. 
When I get to remaking the zombie this is my quality target hehe. 
It would be nice to make a useful Shub-niggurath. 
First Make A Proper Boss Out Of Her.... 
One that does more then just sit on her butt? Because right now its a glorified prop.... If I redo that one then I want to work with a programmer to also turn it into a proper boss fight. Have it multi stage with tentacles coming out of the lava attacking you and even have her detach from the ground and fly around or something. 
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