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Shambler HD Remake Released!
Its time to upgrade the old shambler with a new model that it always deserved! I always felt that for such a fearsome an imposing beast the vanilla version was a little lacking. So with no further delay I give you the new and improved Shambler HD remake!

It comes with a brand new mesh and animations, plus an additional head gib replacement for consistency.

I hope you like it and take it for a spin! If you take any snazzy screenshots of him in action please post it in this thread.


Download Link!!!!
Compare Video!!!!!
Combat Video!!!!!!
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Lol Otp U Such A Bumder 
Good Work Skiffy 
Good work. Thank you, Skiffy. 
good model. I love how you made him open his mouth. did you just stretch his face to do that? 
Yeah, This Is Fantastic 
Great work man! 
oh i didn' notice that before! very clever, hiding a pair of tris between his teeth! 
Vore Idle Tip 
If you want a vore model which is drop-in compatible with the existing model AND has an idle animation, you can make it a grouped frame, and it will idle away without any changes to code. 
that is a great idea 

How do you do a grouped frame and that sounds awesome?

Love the new shambler, he feels bulkier and just...shamblery! 
My video will hopefully be done tomorrow. 
Ogre Next, Please 
It still pains me greatly that capnbubs never released his version. And besides the shambler and the fiend, the ogre is the most iconic Quake monster (he's everywhere!).

The vanilla vore, fiend, scrag, enforcer and fish are good enough for me. Dogs and grunts already have good replacements. 
There's a mistake in the readme: This model doesn't actually conforms to stock Quake standards, because DOS Quake has a vertical limit of 200 lines for MDL skins. But I kept my mouth shut to enjoy this higher-res skin! 
Who Cares About DOS Quake These Days? 
Limits And Cheats! 
200 triangle limit for skins yet the expansions for standard quake ignored this? The dragon boss was 640 x 315 pixels in size. Must have been an odd arbitrary limit for that to still work because I tried it in the most basic engines I could still get running and it was not complaining. Weird. You live inside quake Mankrip, why did they ever do that hard limit?

As for the shambler opening its mouth Yes I do hide a strip of triangles that I stretch open but they are solid black. :) 
The 200 texels height limit was likely poorly planned, since id software themselves raised it later.

Any open source software-rendered Quake engine is based on the WinQuake version of the source, so there's no problem. Maybe it's only the DOS Quake 1.0 version that has this limit.

The official mission packs also included an update for the executable, since they required several engine modifications (network protocol, HUD and so on). The raised limit for MDL skins may have also been implemented because of them.

The inside of the shambler's mouth isn't fully black in my engine´┐Ż that's probably due to the texture filter. But I liked the result, it looks a bit like the saliva in the Doom 3 hell knight's mouth. 
Kinda Intended When Filtered Indeed. 
Yea filtering does look like spittle strands. But yes I am glad folks like the result! So Preach regarding the animation group... will it just play regardless of where I put it in the MDL for the Vore idle addition? 
nice screenshot 
Awesome work. This shambler shamblers more than the original. Seriously, it has more of the monster. Kudos. 
This Looks Awesome. 
otp being a cunt as usual. Dont use a new model if you want to. FFS. 
Don't Be Mean To Cunts Pls 
Awesome model by the way. Looks terrifying. 
Awesome model by the way. Looks like a fucking Shambler. In fucking Quake. 
Any more juicy screenshots out there from folks enjoying the update? :) 
I Love It :-) 
It is great. My only nitpick is that the original seemed fatter/blobby where in this remake you can see his waist :-) 
Shambler Got Swole 
He loves to drink dat protein 
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