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New Q1SP: Cataractnacon (OMS3)
Five years in the making, these two maps are a lengthy journey through a non-linear H.R. giger themed flooded scrapyard. Large areas, hundreds of monsters, dozens of traps and bizarre landmarks await you.

These maps come with only two skill settings, easy and hard. Normal skill is unsupported, and attempting load the map with it will trap you in an enclosed area until the skill is changed.

Exploration is vital, as there is lots of ground to cover. You will most likely not encounter every monster on your first playthrough, but is it encouraged to stray off the path to hunt for health and ammunition, because you are going to need it.

Save often, be prepared to face a horde of enemies at any time. There is no one precise route to take, all are interconnected with one another in some way.

Lastly, and most important and disappointingly, these maps require the use of the RMQ 0.85.3 engine, which is included in the zip file. The reason being is the second part of the map extends beyond Quake's default +-4096 map limit. RMQ is the predecessor to the Quakespasm engine, so most should find the transition easy enough. Quakespasm and other engines may soon support larger map sizes but until then, RMQ 0.85.3 is the only engine that has been tested and can play these maps without issue.
I understand this is a controversial decision and an unpopular one, I like Quakespasm just as much as the rest of you, as it is more stable and optimized. But it could not be helped that the map needed extra room, and I was against the idea of cutting out a large and expensive portion of the map in order to squeeze it into Quake's default map size. I also realize this will create a conflict with sharing demos amongst each other.

Also included are the .map files along with the texture .wad file, which you are free to use for any project of your own.

I feel its also important to note that while this may not be my last Quake map, its my last in regards to very large and overly complex maps.

With that said, please enjoy, critique, and record and share demos to your leisure.

Download links:


Engine Update : Special build of QuakeSpasm with OMS3 support (windows + mac + source code):

Make sure to enter "sv_protocol 999" in the console before starting the map!
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Yup it's in my queue. The engine thing was a bit offputting at first. 
I Can't Get The Second Map To Run On My Computer 
Eric's new version of Quakespasm crashes everytime upon startup. I haven't had the patience to track down the source of the problem yet. 
The new version works okay, but I keep getting this error:

host_error: mod_loadleafs ~67000 exceeds ~65000

I was mixing stuff up; it was the RMQ engine that kept on crashing Quake. 
I Finished The First Level... 
But I can't find my demos anywhere :(

I said funny stuff. I noclipped up to a big hand, thwacked it with my axe and said High Five! I loved the fences and the twisted pipes and your lighting was superb. I'm halfway through the 2nd map...I pushed the 4 buttons, didnt see anything so started running around again jumping all over the place (I'm a bunny rabbit in your maps! Its great! PS love the LG secret) and then I turned around and had a major wig out...WHAAAA@A! Where did this come from!!! I had to stop there but I love it so far. I didn't want to put out any review until I finished it but you sounded a bit depressed. Don't be. Your map has a feeling similar to Myst, which is fantastic!

The current pusher was rather did you turn off the noise? 
Oh And I Tried Climbing The Radar Thing... 
...fell off landed on a button which caused a bunch of enforcers to pop out...That was a great moment! It's like you knew I would try to climb up the radar to avoid having to take the elevator and then made it where I would fall down right on the button! 
Ionous, I think that error is not the OMS3 Quakespasm build.

I uploaded a new zip to quaketastic that has windows + mac + source code: (but it should be the same as what I linked in post #25)

make sure to set "sv_protocol 999" before starting the map too! 
Still Playing AD 
Keep bumping this every week or so and I'll get to it eventually :-) 
speaking for myself, RL health issues have prevented me from playing in recent times. I have downloaded this map and it's in the same queue as Retrojam 4, Jam 6 and Arcane Dimensions.

I should start playing again in a week or two and will definitely post comments when I do. The specific engine thing doesnt put me off and it looks Quakespasm and maybe even Mark V have new builds that could play this now anyway. 
Thread Topic. 
Could someone please put the link to the QS builds(Win, Win+Mac) and the Quaddicted page in Orl's original post?

I'd like to ask Quaddicted staff to add the QS experimental build links to the map description. They are in the comments.

Thanks to ericw for the engine develoment. Also for the links and comments both here and on Quaddicted. 
If Ericw Is Ok With That 
happy to do it. 
Nature Of The Beast 
I know it can be pretty tough when you spend so long on a project and receive a very lop-sided proportional amount of feedback.

While engine requirements may sway people away, I honestly think that people are just busy and are doing their own thing. While you know how much blood, sweat and tears you shed for this project other people see it as another quake map to try out whenever they get time.

I think most people here were pretty impressed by the otherwordly visuals of the maps but it's just the nature of the beast that the payoff will never be anywhere near equal to the amount of work involved.

I am a bit new to the Quake community and especially the func_messageboard so I wasn't too aware of the demo recording etiquette (But I will be sure to do so from now on!).

If it helps, there were two things that drew me into trying the maps out.

1) The fact it took you 5 years tickled my interest.

2) The screenshot of the outdoor section was very engaging.

My final thoughts would be I think a few people were driven away due to the lack of skill levels. Some people play easy, some normal...some completely weed out normal is a bit of hit. You spent so much time on the creation of this project, why not a little more for normal skill. ;)

As others said, don't be so judgmental on yourself and continue doing it for yourself more than anyone else. 
sure, pasting the following in the topic would be great:

Special build of QuakeSpasm with OMS3 support (windows + mac + source code):

make sure to enter "sv_protocol 999" in the console before starting the map!

Orl - I did play through map 1 and part of map 2 while preparing the QS build, it's on my to-do list to play fully and record demos! 
Thank you all for the kind words, I'm very relieved to hear its simply a matter of most people being occupied with real life activities and not outright refusal. If this has taught me anything, its to include all skill levels in any future assignments, no matter what. I hope I didn't come off as selfish, demanding everyone to stop what they are doing to engage in the maps, that certainly was not my intention.

I will be patient, and make sure everyone has plenty of time to go through the maps at their own pace. 
I will make you some demos...soon :) 
Barring anything unforseen, I'll be streaming this on my twitch channel tomorrow night, in about 24 hours time.

Oh, and Eric, thanks for the reminder. Using the version of Quakespasm you linked, the map now works. 
News Item Updated 
with links to quakespasm build that supports this map. 
Thank you, nitin and ericw. 
Starting In About A Half Hour... 
Going to do a playthrough on this. 
You Don't Leave The Fight Club 
Good Show Ionous 
I only wish I could have been there when it was live, but it was the middle of the night. It looked like you enjoyed yourself, and took time to soak in the scenery. You didn't get frustrated when you were killed, as you approached the situation different each time.

There was a double barrel shotgun at the very start of the first map that you missed, after you defeated the grunts and knights, at the top of the staircase adjacent to the others that lead to the descending elevators. This certainly would have helped to have, but you did exceptional without it.

Again I apologize I wasn't there when you were streaming it, I would have like to have seen how many were watching and what was said in the comments. The very end of you getting stuck on the bridge twice, was an oversight on my part, hopefully it didn't ruin much of the experience. 
I Got Stuck 
On the first map and did not want to install an engine to play the second. I can imagine how disappointed you must be but of what I did play my feeble brain was boiling in amazement. Tonight I will watch Ionous' play through and report back. 
Bravo Orl 
Okay Orl. I watched the Ionous' feed all the way through. Pretty damn amazing. I will install the necessary port and play this for myself or at the very least make my kids play through it on nightmare and laugh at their folly.

So here's my 2 centavos:

Where the designers behind Arcane Dimensions can be compared to Frank Lloyd Wright at times with their impeccable trims, spot on lighting effects and cleans lines, your work can be described closer to Picasso or your man - Giger. There are many shapes and motifs in your work that are unique in the Quake mapping arena. Nicely non-derivative... but that is only the beginning.

Sock, MFX and their AD brethren have distilled in their maps what is rightly "Quake" and added "spice" to a 20 year old game. Their efforts are infused with the thirst for outdoing what has come before (out-designing id). Artistically, and mechanically explosive in each levels' makeup is the struggle against what is expected - and what can be achieved.

But what you have done in your 5 year project has broken expectations, challenged established forms and has moved into a concrete but almost unrecognizable abstraction. A comet-like apparition that is not seen often enough. Playable, entertaining but uniquely challenging and ultimately - original.

Yes there are some rough patches. But there are some pretty inspired moments. Without SPOILERS - there's quite a big set-piece that arises mid-way through that really blew my mind.

So sock and the gang are the traditionalist, over-achievers in refining level dynamics to razor sharp pops of color and tightly shaped game play. But you are the trail blazer in form and shape and scope.

You have much to be proud of. Quake level design is an art form and you are not a follower or an after-thought. You are a trailblazer. I guarantee there will be significant motifs in future maps inspired by your work. At the very least -- you can claim that your maps are the 'Gone with the Wind' of the Quake mapping scene.

This is not to say that AD isn't very close to the Sistine Chapel of Quake mods (it kind of is) but more to say that art is infinite and inclusive of all wonderful executions -both profane and sublime.

Cheer and congrats. 
That was impressive! I used to think that had made abstract things in quake. Now I know, that I didn't.

Tho the map really needs some clipping (floors especially) and often can be cramped in places, I must say that this map is good. Very unusual visuals. The zombie section was absolutely amazing. I think it's the best zombie section I've seen in a long while. I think that type of gameplay suits your style much better than those spawning bunches of different monsters.

I think the map could have benefited from fog, skybox and some colored lighting.

I'm surprised that it was made in jackhammer. I suppposed that those shapes were made using trechbroom.

Great job and congrats on release! 
For Me 
Just bad timing as well - and between one thing and another it usually takes me at least a month to play a Quake release. 
Exactly The Same Here 
But I will have the time this weekend. 
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